The Most Popular Game Boy Of All Times

Some Of The Popular Games Game Boy

1. Games Tetris Game Boy

And to learn and play, it is very difficult to master so easy - many smart people and great Tetris game. If you all had some opportunities to do puzzles, which are deleted automatically, as if from scratch to make some kind of line in a certain sense, but is a bit of a puzzle feel.

2. Games Game Boy Pokemon

Initial release: 28 September 1998 (blue / red)

One is for long-term success in mind, has this crazy Japanese animal thought it was only a temporary enthusiasm is not that hard to imagine.

3. The Legend of Zelda Game Boy games: Wake Up Link

First Edition: August 1993

Link to awaken. may not be less than the Triforce, or Princess Zelda, but in this game is to reduce the overall quality of their sleep does not mean that Koholint island fish in a big wind and let them escape from the island Koholint in a series of musical instruments cape puzzle, where the mystery begins to reject specific calls immediately after woke up a couple of banks. A version of DX 1998 graphics in this game and the mission was extended based on a new and highly exclusive colors dungeons. The name of the game for Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console "The first version includes entrance as it was so effective.

4. The Metal Gear Solid Game Boy games

No, not talking about the name of the current PlayStation games; This version has been specially made for the portable Nintendo Konami. If you have any alternative time lines, compared with the initial direct effect Metal Gear NES and a 2D game with a similar approach.

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