Tips For Creating A Flash Animated Cartoons

Creating A Flash Animated Cartoons

Adobe Flash, to create a caricature, as cheap. A little know-how, and when jumping, and you can start your own cartoon. (No particular order) of these tips to help design and animation.

To write a script.

This may be the idea of ​​a cartoon on his head, because it may seem unnecessary, but the film can increase the flow of the script. In addition, take advantage of a short film scripts. You can go and not have to buy expensive software written script. If you can write the instructions of the dialogue and the stage, as a simple text editor, such as long, of course.


Just paper and pencil, you can draw on the screen, and this is a great way to improve the appearance of animation. And long term, you must compete with faster odd mouse. You can save the Amazon or PC (and so on, the price difference), you can download a variety of graphics tablets. Read the comments and look around.

Explore other animations.

If you work for other people first animated movie ever, the river and nature is the best way to get an explanation. Well, watch the movie and steal ideas or sharing, but the director makes a trimmed version of the camera, etc., do not use the zoom of the camera. Director of the lines (if any), color, special effects, character design and other artistic features of each note. If you want to be a cartoon, but it never hurts to ask. You can do this by finding an online community, where he presented their work or just friends may be animated. You know, people tend to be biased (you can keep your thoughts and feelings), you can still get an idea of ​​what direction your animation can help. Only light entertainment, there are many people. Ignore those hateful comments and focus on construction.


One thing, this process takes time and practice. Loss ever research. Examples of articles on the Internet and video tutorials are a great resource for learning. Skills and contribute to the search for other exercises to keep pushing the game to start writing scripts for the next cartoon!

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