Top 5 Favorite Animated Cartoons TV Shows

Check Out These Top 5 Favorite Animated Cartoons TV Shows:

Technically, the "story" simple movement. In Japan, the roots of the event, the "manga" Japanese comics. Here are some of the most popular anime cartoon story plans:

1. Astro Boy

The original manga series, published in 1952, and then in Japan, in 1963 in a television series aired "Mighty Atom". style animation "anime" became known throughout the world, combining innovative as Astro Boy. The original manga series based on 3D-American film released in October 2009.

2. Doraemon

The original Japanese anime series based on the Doraemon manga. the story of Doraemon, a robot cat. Doraemon Nobili Nobili, a 22-century to help students travel back in time. manga series was originally published in 1969-1996. At the same time, the latest anime television series that originally ran from 1979 to 2006.

3. Dragon Ball Z

Both "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z" was broadcast in Japan from 1986-1996 anime series. "Dragon Ball, the original Japanese manga series based on the history of television programs. Series published between 1984-1996. Dragon Ball "is referred to as Goku search for the seven magic items" dragon balls.

4. Serial Pokemon

Pokemon anime series Pokemon video game based on the real part of the serial number of benefits. North America, Europe and Australia, in particular, have been introduced in other markets, initially in Japan show series TV series. "The series of" reality »Pocket Monsters", a Japanese brand. Pokemon Pokemon franchise has appeared in more than 500 false creatures.
A copy of the percentage universe children Satoshi Tajiri Oniw. Tajiri-Oniw, Franchise Director General of the joy of collecting insects as a child.

5. Speed ​​Racer

This is the anime adaptation of the original broadcast «Mach gogogo« principle. Mach gogogo TV Speed ​​Racer United States, 1967-1968 1968. The serial numbers. 52 total generated during this period. In 2008, after some parts Mach gogogo manga, published in 1990, the American film «Speed ​​Racer», was published.

The only question remains: What will be the next big hit anime series, to be aired on TV?

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