Top Chocolate Brands for Your Love on Valentine's Day

As Valentine edges ever closer, department stores build more great gift ideas exhibitions. It is not uncommon to heart-shaped foot in the target and Wal-Mart and boxes shelves to find all filled with a variety of truffles, nut clusters and other sweets. In fact, what the days until the records brand chocolate sales in February XIV, and while mass-produced brands are beautiful and affordable, sometimes vacations call something very special. This year, why not splurge and give your love gourmet gift, handmade chocolates?

Across the country, you will find a variety of chocolate, which is specialized in unusual but delicious sweets. Dark chocolate rich antioxidant enrobing juicy berries and thick nuts or creamy caramels laced with sea salt, there is no limit to the variety of gifts for this holiday for lovers. If you order a basket or gift selection, you need for the availability and delivery times to seek to ensure punctual arrival of their treats. Here are just a few brands for a unique Valentine to look delicious.

Votes Chocolate:

Chocolate Valentine's Day

The Chocolates in New York offers a range of upscale bars, good and others with ingredients infused delectable that do nothing usually in conjunction with dessert. Votes are perhaps best known for its bacon and popular clothing Chocolate bars and solid to give a sweet-savoury smoky with every bite.

Chocolate moonstruck:

Chocolate Valentine's Day

Based on Oregon, this delicious chocolate company offers some truffle Cute as a Bug this Valentine's Day "Bug" is the operative word. His love bugs are dark truffle panache flavoured with raspberry or strawberry, with the painted smile to make the sweets almost too sweet to eat. Almost! Be sure to visit them online for pick up and flavorful on champagne, creme rule and Irish cream and other flavours.

Organic chocolate:

chocolate Valentine's Day

If your girlfriend is more thinking "green" than red these days, you might want to present a selection of organic fair trade and bars or with. Some of the most notable brands that you can find in your local supermarket are green and black, endangered species, and Dakota chocolate, all carrying different varieties - white from milk to dark, flat or nuts or berries or other tasty extras.

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