Toyota Fortuner 3.0 Automatic 4WD Reviews

Toyota Fortuner 3.0 Automatic 4WD Reviews You Should Know


Toyota car might be the best offer in this segment, as defined SUV category was very busy. Despite the online business in this part of Fortune Rexton, CR-V, the orphan, and the Santa Fe and sat by the other models such as Try buying t.

The company does nothing to improve the sales of water to stay in the match. Recently, a number of companies for the car lover with a choice of 3.0-liter 4WD an automatic transmission, finally, finally, Fortune shifting during walks. This is a modern competitive sea, large enough to hold the Toyota?

The changes slightly smoked head and rear lights have been carried out and the addition of chrome fog lamp frames. This together with the external stimulus for new alloy wheels 12 dark gray end of the book. Furthermore, the redesigned model is also completely new color, gray, Mica.

Interior design

The new dashboard and door linings of small veneer with black thread. Linked to the simple appearance and completely silent. Midfield with plenty of room.

Vehicle information

The new vehicle is a dark and rainy washers environment driver, cruise control and Xenon headlights. Furthermore, rearview camera, power driver's seat, and with the new touch screen on the dashboard.

Voice command of the so-called panel houses the navigation unit. This function changes a little slow response. Water facilities of Bluetooth options, AUX and USB connection.

Under the hood, the production of a new car 171PS and 343 Nm of torque to the engine production capacity of 3.0 liters. Technically, the engine clock speed can be achieved within 12 seconds to 100 km.

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