Vegan Food Pyramid

Nutritional Pyramid Vegan

Vegans do not eat meat or any animal products. If you think a vegan or vegetarian, vegan food pyramid, to save energy and stay healthy, so make sure you eat enough protein and other nutrients is important.

egan food pyramid, kind of similar to what you are comfortable with. Bread, cereals vegan foundation of the pyramid, fruits and vegetables on a plane back. If you look carefully, you can of milk and other dairy products, fortified soy milk, calcium-rich food has changed. Meat, beans, nuts, peas and lentils, and tofu, including vegetables changed. Some versions of the pyramids, cereals, beans and foods fortified with calcium, placed side by side, along with the regular food pyramid through meat and milk products. The consumption of this food because it contains protein, vegetarian, in any case, it is important for a vegetarian diet.

At the top of the food pyramid is a chilling term consumption of Americans, can be seen to those used to listen to reduce the need for oil, fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids, but these oils are an important part of food vegan. H
air and nails, nuts, seeds, and other sources as part of a vegan diet, eating these fatty acids are ... They also help support the immune system and helps a person to maintain a healthy weight.

Food vegan food pyramid also recommended and vegan D. Vitamin B12 is mainly for use in meat and vitamin B12, and vitamin filling, so you should stop when it comes to vitamin meat filling. Vitamin B-12, because this type of anemia, fatigue, nerve damage and other conditions that can cause problems, such as lack of vitamin plays an important role.

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium is important for strong bones. If you see the first vegan food pyramid i
f you feel intimidated, you're not alone.

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