Well-known Chocolate Brands Companies

Chocolate is the sweetest joy that man has found. There are different types of chocolate produced worldwide. Although the process used to make chocolate standard was that people choose chocolate brands of various chocolate companies because it allows them to choose the chocolate of interest to a wide range of quality and taste. In fact, the chocolate industry is regarded worldwide as one of the richest industries.

The history of chocolate itself is very interesting. The chocolate was dominated by the Aztecs. The best chocolate in the world was made of imagination in this period of the history of chocolate.
Chocolate Brands Companies

There are many world-class brands in chocolate today. Some of the leading brands in the chocolate industry in America are Hershey's, Ghirardelli, Lindt and Nestlé.

The company famous Lindt chocolate and Spr√ľngli in Switzerland was founded in 1845. This is the company that produces the world-famous Lindt chocolate.

Another famous company Nestle joined the chocolate production project in 1866. As the end of the century, chocolate candies and other foods from Nestle were sold worldwide.

Has grown since the chocolate products industry, more and more companies were founded by leaps and bounds. The acceptance in the world of chocolate products, all of these companies encouraged to join this sector. The chocolate company that was a pioneer in America Ghirardelli. This chocolate company was decided founded in 1852.
After a visit to World Expo Milton S. Hershey, the company found Hershey chocolate. He sold his old Lancaster Caramel Company, prepare to maintain the rights of American products chocolate. Mars Chocolate shares the honour of one of the major brands of chocolate five, along with huge chocolate like Lindt chocolate, Ghirardelli Chocolate Nestle chocolate and Hershey chocolate.
The US company Mars Incorporated was established in 1920 by founder Frank C. This company with caramel specializes founded on the chocolate candy bar. The rods produced are recognized worldwide as a chocolate bar. The project was developed by his wife and son on M & M chocolate.

Different brands have different origins in the history of chocolate. Lindt, Ghirardelli, Nestle, Hershey and Mars are five main chocolate brands in America. These brands have also gained a good reputation in the world, chocolate class. You can choose this chocolate brands that are sure to give greater satisfaction.

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