What Is Animated Cartoons?

Animated Cartoons Reviews 

A plot of the film or the story of any (cinema television or computer screen to draw the hands of even very small) film (from the preparation of such a thing, or computers) short. 

Production moving fantasy images action or positions in the model 2-D or 3-D can be described as a presentation of art. Persistence effect because the influence of optical illusion is created and can be detected in various ways. 

It is hard to believe, but tries to capture the appearance of the first cases found in Paleolithic cave paintings from the subscriber. The first is designed to create the illusion of movement or mechanical devices designed for entertainment for individuals. The zoetrope, Laterna Magica praxinoscope thafmatoskopio in phenakistoscope and books. 

He said about 500 photos, an animated film loops Charles-Emile Reynaud, in 1892 created the first live movie. This film is also known as the first major film perforation is used as an example. His films, but the public was not directly in the film. 

The first film, but, of course, and J. Stuart Blackton funny faces in 1906 in this picture of a cartoonist drawing faces, and faces life seemed to wake up "Humorous phases of the organization can be called a caricature. 

One of the success of the first cartoon by Winsor McCay "Gertie Dinosaur" (1914). All major movie studios animated 5-10 and MGM, Disney, Paramount and Warner Brothers cartoons major studios 1960s.Theatrical used in 1930 presented for the period prior to the main feature of the "load" as the time to live 10 min as "short" 5 products. At the same time, the popularity of the TV every time blossomingh and animation for television to go to a movie and then decreases. 

«Steamboat Willie» - all the most popular cartoon characters Mickey Mouse, Plane Crazy was introduced to the world of Walt Disney in May 1928, but six months later, the sound is played the first animated film. Mickey Mouse, formerly known as Felix appearance of a favorite again in 1919 by a cartoon cat was until the year 1931, Tom and Jerry have always had to wait for the appearance of the first cartoon series.

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