What Is SEO? Brief Introduction

What is SEO? Well, the answer to this question is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Enough to be listed on the first page of their brands, because (for example, Wikipedia, Facebook, and Microsoft), these web sites are some of the many SEO help, the first page of search results. Other sites for SEO rely on him for the first or second page of search results. Now, in rare cases, the search beyond the first page of search results for the term. When a search result page XV abated in recent times?

ollows the main (and effective) methods of SEO are:

1) SEO URLs and headers

2) Network

3) SEO content writing

4) Multimedia

5) Regular updates

In this article, we will briefly look at each of these methods of SEO.

Titles, captions and URLs SEO

His name is different from the Web page. Name is the name of the Web page, the Web page, the "leader". If you enter a search term (known as keywords), search engines try to find the name of the names of the sites and URL keyword matches. The name of a site name or URL keyword matches for the site and other senior officials. If the keyword "Phoenix", a URL of a site, for example, if: http://www.phoenix.com "as a high-ranking site, the URL" http: // www .mystical_birds . com ".


If you visit a Web site, this site has links to other sites usually see a couple of bridges. (Under Article) These links support point in opposite directions. Back-links can help you to improve your site ranking. As a rule, the more links a page has, the higher its rating back.

SEO Content Writing

Search engines try to match keywords into the content of the website. Key word "I." If, for example, articles for the search term "golfer" is looking for. Search "keyword density" determine the elements of these elements. The total number of words in the article results to calculate the density of 100 dividing and multiplying the number of key words.

undreds of words in the article is the key word "golf" to him twice, for example, if the article is a 2% keyword density.
The use of multimedia

A simple text pages of graphic sites on the pitch. The major search engines, and so know; These Web sites, multimedia (graphics, video, and Flash applications) give a higher ranking than other sites.

egular updates

New information and facts unlimited thirst. Other sites are updated regularly on the major search engines do not need to add sites to rank higher than this.

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