What Should We Do When Were In Chicago Illinois

Should We Do When Were In Chicago Illinois

Chicago, Illinois, history, culture and entertainment with a city and a force to be considered shouting. Harbor Lake Michigan in Chicago to open and then divided the city and adds to the charm.

1. Oak Park in a residential area, such as the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright.

2. The level of the road, opposite the Sears Tower in 1973, Chicago 1353 meter 110-storey building built in the United States, was the tallest skyscrapers.

3. The Cheney House Bed & Breakfast accommodation in the most exclusive areas of the city. House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and a large part of the furniture.

4. Lincoln Park, Chicago, statures, monuments, beaches and playgrounds. It is the largest city park. Lincoln Park Zoo, the zoo is a working farm in Illinois include a copy of one of them. 19 houses with garden, spread over 4 acres.

5. Built an amusement park like the back first Navy Pier, ... It is now home to the Chicago Children's Museum, the Smith Museum of Stained glass windows, the Chicago Shakespeare Theater and enough to keep you busy for the afternoon tour.

6. The Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, sundials, rare books, graphics, and a wonderful collection. It offers a journey through the Star Rider Theater space.

7. "Magnificent Mile" Michigan Avenue all the desires, needs and customer enthusiasm can be a budget that is lined with shops.

8. John G. Shedd Aquarium believed to be the largest indoor marine mammal world kiosk. Beluga whales, dolphins, otters, seals and penguins can visit.

The number of pages available through the city of Chicago, you can work during the week.

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