What Vegan Food For Breakfast?

Vegan Food For Breakfast

The morning for breakfast is something we all want. Salty, sweet, bread, butter, jam, fruit, cereal, milk, coffee, smoothies, juices, Milo, bacon and eggs, fried tomatoes, sausage, pineapple, yogurt - so many opportunities to choose the world and honey.

Question - What do vegans eat? Consider the options:

Vegan breakfast:


Weight do not know, or simply for those who prefer a light breakfast of fruit is an excellent choice.

This fruit salad can be in the form of dates, raisins and yogurt, soy yogurt or coconut fried fruit. If an attractive option Sprinkle with toasted almonds with yogurt and fruit salad.

Baked goods

French breakfast for us to eat a lot of food for homemade pasta. Vegans delicious cakes, corn washers and nuts or even dangerous for vegan croissants baked bread! The vegan diet, your Super fun!


vegan way of life, of course, be a good vegan food options available today. As a result, vegetarians, like any other normal person can eat toast for breakfast. And instead of butter, margarine or vegan "butter" shadow.

Smoothies and Juices

Some people, of course, when no breakfast- reasons Detox, fitness reasons, fans of "juice", "hit" or a cup or will love it! Most vegans sharbatsiqqich and a blender.

Usually always popular energy juice, apple, beet, celery, carrot and ginger. It's a little hard or if you hit list is endless, etc. soy yogurt, coconut yogurt, bananas, dates, linen, blend LSA, raisons, berries, cocoa powder, beloved, can make a smoothie!

"Bacon" and "egg"

Today, many vegan food companies for your favorite hot breakfast and a "clone" vegans can create mock meat and dairy ingredients, cook today.

Vegan tofu race, bacon simulation (supermarket), vegan sausages, fried tomatoes, onions and bread (particularly tofu flavor). This vegans do not miss your favorite comfort food this was a great day.


vegan food companies in many supermarkets and pharmacies are now available with a wide variety of vegan cereal. Of course, I would like a bit of a fix of sugar, such as vegans, so they are the perfect breakfast food. Vegans usually soy milk, rice milk or coconut milk and cereal to eat.

So what vegans eat for breakfast? Vegan breakfast each other you can have breakfast and enjoy the experience. No, vegans lost or short options.

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