When We came Cadbury Flake knowing?

Fake Cadbury is one of the all-time best British chocolate bars and this British classic chocolate bar has for almost a century the popular the UK have been. This delicious chocolate bar has been developed for the first time in 1920 and was founded by accident by an employee of Cadbury. Noticed this intelligent staff that if excess drained from the mould, they fell into a stream and created a folded exfoliating chocolate.

Cadbury Flake

In 1930, realized all children's dreams, Cadbury half Flakes boxes began producing loose length Eisverkäufer were distributed throughout the UK. The premise was that Flocke could be placed at a 45-degree angle at the top of an ice cream cone, and that would as '99 ice "style". The only crumb reads, flakiest chocolate tastes like chocolate never tasted."

Cadbury Flake has a long history of sensory advertising. Cadbury marketing always put their weapons and said that the campaign to the sensitive nature was eating chocolate.

Cadbury Flake girl included 1969 Miss World, Eva Rueber-Staier, who also starred in Spy Who Loved Me, Octopussy and For Your Eyes Only. Singer Joss Stone was a girl flake in 2008. In 2010, Cadbury eventually pulled the plug on the Flake girl. The new advertising campaign was to focus on "beauty and delicacy" of Flake instead of the girl Flake Bar succumb chocolate. The new ad refers Russian model Julia Lobova in more than two hundred meters of yellow cloth. The fabric revolves around the beautiful model as a yellow dress, in an analogy of Cadbury Flake housing.

Cadbury Flake had many variations. In 2000 Cadbury Snowflake launched.This chocolate bar was a version 12.5 cm (five inches) wrapped white chocolate flakes in a milk chocolate coating.

2003 and 2004, Cadbury launched three Flake range of products. The first, in 2003, was laminated Flake, who, like the snowflake was only 12.5 cm long.'The "immersed" in a layer of Cadbury milk chocolate is wrapped, which holds firmly flake making it less brittle and easier to eat.

Cadbury Flake knowing

The next variant appeared Cadbury Flake in September 2004 when they were published Flake Moments. Cadbury led his own ice-flake. It is a Crisp Biscuit full cone vanilla ice cream flavour, covered with waves chocolate and milk, of course, a flake of milk chocolate. Also available is the 500ml tub of soft vanilla ice cream, scattered with tiny pieces of flakes.

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