13 Chamomile Tea Health Benefits Password

A Chamomile Tea Health Benefits Password You Should Know

Chamomile history

It contains tea leaves of the species Camellia sinensis, is a return to the use of medicinal infusion in the form of so-called "tea" was the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans times. Therefore, drinking chamomile and linden, Rooibos and called with the same score.

We have, for example, gastric ulcer, irritation, inflammation, burns, eczema, arthritis, bruises, sores in the mouth, the wound injuries, rheumatism, neuralgia processing unit, which is used by the ancient as roads, be obtained from a number of different diseases and disorders, piles, and more.

If you imagine the time, chamomile tea bags packed supermarket can not get comfortable. With a new infusion of chamomile flowers. In some studies, the chamomile infusion consumption will help prevent the development of diabetic complications and hyperglycemia.

1. Daisy and infections

In view of the anti-bacterial properties that prevent these diseases caused by bacteria, and the protection and treatment of colds. Camomile flowers and leaves for the hippurate in urine.

2. Margarita and oral health

Because of the antibacterial properties, chamomile is used as a mouthwash or shaken to relieve oral infections and gum.

3. Daisy and women

If you work in glycine urine levels increased after drinking chamomile. Glycine compound relieves muscle cramps. The chamomile scientists and menstrual complaints effectively believe we can help you.

4. Daisy and Men's Health

Chamomile proven fine known for its properties contain a substance called coumarin anticoagulant.

5. Daisy and inflammation

Bisabolol found a compound called Chamomile is a potent anti-inflammatory properties. Studies of mice to reduce fever and inflammation in arthritis. Apigenin is also anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Daisy and digested

Chamomile to help calm the stomach exceptional wine. This will help to calm the intestines, chamomile is also suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), can promote good digestion. Extract chamomile flower stomach can help to reduce the acid secretion in the stomach hurts.

Moreover, as a daisy and bloating, dyspepsia, diarrhea, appetite, malaise, nausea, vomiting and, in particular, for the treatment of various gastrointestinal relaxation disease.

Camomile flowers alcohol, such as for the prevention of gastric ulcers caused by recent studies found by stress. Furthermore, thermal or chemical stress case reduced time for healing.

7. Margarita and injury

Cuts and wounds - Chamomile tea to accelerate healing of wounds, eczema, stomach ulcers, bruises, skin irritations, cuts and burns treatment used by ancient. The study showed the best results from burns. These results suggest that the antioxidant and antimicrobial lotion with anti-inflammatory.

8. Daisy and insomnia

Sleep - you can sleep well, so that drinking chamomile soothes the nervous system.

9. Daisy and hemorrhoids

Local practice, a daisy relieve hemorrhoids.

10. Chamomile tea and cancer

In contrast to the increase of abnormal cell growth, researchers are still closely as chamomile, chamomile tea is a powerful antioxidant properties, and may also reduce the cancer cells. Chamomile flavonoids in the pharmaceutical industry benefits the most promising apigenin.

11. Daisy and gastrointestinal tract

Daisy gastrointestinal tract, prevention of common side effects of cancer treatment for inflammation of the performance.

12. Daisy and skin

Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, such as eczema, acne and allergies and skin irritations of chamomile helps to take care of. Daisy especially good for sensitive skin to heal and draw a corticosteroid that has been shown to accelerate healing and helps in the treatment of wounds. Daisy and Candida albicans chamomile a flavonoid against Candida albicans, including anti-fungal properties.

13. Daisy and Drug

Chamomile plant (in the case of allergies), no known negative effects. If you have some chamomile tea loose with fresh flowers, you know honey and apple reminiscent of floral notes with great taste. Who said to taste terrible drug that is effective?

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