5 Factor Influencing The Vegetarian

Factor Influencing The Vegetarian You Should Know

If this with your friends always good to throw an interesting fact. If you are a vegetarian or not, here are some excerpts related to vegetarian.

1. There is a lot of vegans

If sometimes feel a bit lonely vegetarian. Search Areas menu vegetarian option (hopefully not mushroom risotto - or worse: Vegetable Stack) and the meat to eat with friends and family. Millions! In India, it is estimated that more than 350 million people are vegetarians. Taiwan people for almost 13% vegetarians.

If you live in the UK, as many of the four million vegetarian interested in it. Brazil 8% of the population (15.2 million people) should be vegans. In the United States, 13% of the population consider themselves vegetarians or vegans, either.

2. Vegetarian fish (or chicken) eat

They eat fish, although the vegans hate asked. According to tradition, animals are not vegetarians eat - either land or sea. Where is the problem you have to find a vegetarian fish are. Or, conversely, fish and other animals, and then eat a vegetarian labels. There are vegetarians. These people are actually called pescetarians.

Often a dinner or "fish" from the host fish, because they can feed on the problems that cause the fish vegetarian question ends up being a vegetarian option on the menu.

3. Sufficient protein for vegetarians

Vegetarian, there is a question often asked is: Where was your protein? People generally interested in nutrition, food vegetarians do not feel obliged to take care of a protein. Plenty of protein in a vegetarian diet. Nuts, beans, textured vegetable protein, tofu, cheese, lentils, peas, yogurt, broccoli, spinach, avocado, soy and quinoa: This is a list where you can start.

4. Vegetarians are at risk of developing heart disease, a rare

People may be moral or religious reasons for being a vegetarian. If you are vegetarian, but for your health positively. Vegetarians are less likely to develop heart disease. Vegetarians also lower high blood pressure, diabetes, and (breast, colon, and ovaries included) can increase the risk of certain cancers.

5. A lot of vegans around the world

A lot of vegans around the world. There are many famous vegetarians and vegans, not surprising, then, to learn that. : Kate Winslet, Corey Feldman, Sarah Silverman, Carrie Underwood, Casey Affleck, Diane Keaton, Pamela Anderson, Ian McKellen and Natalie Portman. The music world, we have: Kelly Clarkson, Billy Idol, Bryan May, Johnny Marr, Moby, the Michael Bolton, Ricky Martin and Nelly.

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