Amazing Lego Toy Sets Sold All The Time!

Lego Toy Sets Sold All The Time!

Super brand as a world-famous LEGO. in developing countries, assemblies and kits to conceive children in developed countries, nearly all from home for more than 70 years and encouraged.

LEGO recent high points in relation to the marketing of films and Harry Potter, have 10 cars DUPLO, Prince of Persia, SpongeBob, Toy Story, and a penalty for issues such as Indiana Jones.

He, as well as television programs, video games and movies, some of the groups. the secret of the success of its diversity and countless hours of vaccines, is equipped with interchangeable design.

LEGO Denmark Ole Kirk Christiansen started the family business. A carpenter, the games with the children to lock the tools you can use to create objects.

Christiansen family of investment in 1947, with the invention of plastic in modern Lego came to be. Hold the reins of the company's property, Ole Kirk, with grandson Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen family.

Lego movies because of some clever marketing and a carefully selected topics for the licensing market today the sixth largest producer in the world of games.

Game original single rectangular shapes you can create anything or the police service station blocks.

This unique Lego blocks still considered the inspiration for the contest. Lego benefit is the "First Lego League" What is called. In 1960, the Lego brick doubled to expand the number of blocks for the younger age groups.

Roman Games - This is also connected to the CD. Indiana Jones and Harry Potter in Hollywood blockbusters such as Batman, Spiderman sets super hero and 2000, with tie-ins.

Furthermore, video games, video game consoles and broadcast movie tie-ins. Lego Star Wars Sets, Indiana Jones and the Clone Wars trilogies trilogy, and is still very popular.

Lego for young people to move more technical terms, the slope of the higher age groups. "Tecnica" like roller coaster, Ferris wheel and unmanned vehicles.

Lego sets the teen developed a successful and clever marketing to expand childhood. Lego trend for the tie-in merchandise movie was full of fun and often funny.

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