Animated Films Main Character Design Tips

Animated Films Main Character Design Tips You Should Know

This cartoon film and animation, character design is not so simple. This, in particular, the history of a miracle to create a designer for several hours. Only required to read a character features clean lines. We cartoons, Disney, Tom & Jerry, ice movies, and saw many Mowgli, and each character has always been above all a strong influence on the life of our spirit. Children's characters are light in color and has a very simple way. Working on customer projects, then your customers with the technical information required.


What is the history of the characters and what characters to play an important role in the design. In addition, a portion of this will be the main character. Such a mobile phone, as a rule, small means not having screens as Meander character. In addition, secondary characters are always paper and pencil sketches, many ideas and design.


Analysis Your character must be unique

Application, your personality, your suit or color should not be the only animated character to stand in the crowd. This may be an animal or a human or animal care should be fun character designs.

Highlight methods line drawings

Lines thin or thick line must be unique and good, cheap and easy game to create the effect of personality. To improve the accuracy and the stories are designed to create a personality, people are very good.


Large print area, captures the public's attention seems to be larger than life. Moreover, the public will help define the unique character and always improves to remember the qualities of personal character. In addition, hand - a large nose, bulging eyes, fingers, and other aspects.

Colors to make a big difference

Choose carefully the color; to make a big difference in the colors and quantities as to be visible. White, blue, yellow and pink represents purity and innocence - black, blue, gray intent, negative design, bright colors, such as colors.

Clothing and accessories

Talks about the characteristics of the history of the character, costume and accessories, and their social status. Most of the diamonds and jewelry wealth means that the life of the poor and dirty and messy towel. Apart from accessories such as a sword, flying vehicles only adds character and the role of the character.

Create your 2D and 3D platforms, the e-mail very carefully the size, weight and shape of the design, even a small mistake was to change the shape of the character, and I think we need to look quite different.

The identity and facial

After you create the personality of the character, it is very important to follow the rule. How did it in different situations, how it changes expression, the role of the character betrayed.
Boring or athletic contest or a talent or character, or violent and degrading nature. Facial expression said it all. The movement of the eyes, nose or lips can tell you worried or scared, uncomfortable explosive, jealous, sad, happy.

Areas characters

If you see the movie, read a story or a character to watch the animation, which is a recognized personality of the characters. Objectives such as the unique ability to create a story for dramatic angle, a bad sign for the protection of people who need to solve the puzzle.

The creation of a fund

To make the story more interesting characters. Where, what, life-changing events in your life, it is difficult to register a goal, and the other from the perspective of history, I think it could be a fun and inspiring book. Personality of the character, created as well depends on the mood of the artist.

The use of paper and pencil is not a bad idea

It is always better to draw the characters on paper.

Allow people to share their views

Your character will be able to communicate with the public, or if your creation, you want to be able to help you figure out if you're a person. Expected to have a character of its features.

Think about your plan

Artists from different platforms, such as the introduction of its creation. As 2D and 3D platforms.

In the right environment is becoming more popular

Environment, the creation of life and communicate important for the audience to feel the character. Nourishes the life of the character, in the public mind. Your facial expressions, your living environment and the real nature of all personality traits accepted by the public.

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