Bit Real Estate Weird, Surreal Trends

Bit Real Estate Weird, Surreal Trends Reviews

For most people, the word "home" calls to some of the images. If you have a corner of the building, a door, some windows and a fireplace in the chest, probably a prototype of the house. However, the real estate in a wardrobe and a unique housing opportunities for people, it is a good fit in the box.

Small houses

All settings are small, but in a more compact form counterparts. Small towns and rural areas, a favorite choice of housing as a statement of principles. Before never tired of walking to reach the light switch? It may be a small house.

Passive houses

But a very small houses with the same passive houses around the world who are trying to reduce the environmental impact. a set of aesthetic rules and standards, a set of energy efficiency, and to maximize the real estate business in style. In 1980, the German style "green" people with passion for things in one place.

Staples like a super energy efficient houses, tightness, advanced technology, windows, solar technology and many others. Even the landscape is effective for passive houses, the actual system. For example, the appropriate way to reduce wind and topcoats in the shade of trees, parts of the housing may be a part of the game.

Airbnb normal distribution has a number of advantages and some disadvantages to live in a tree house, a haven for the more brave souls, full-time targets. Even a quick Internet search houses in many forums about whether it is legally allowed to occupy. Treehouse protected trees, wild animals and other narrow limits of the protection to be aware of the law to deal with. If you meet all the criteria, but as a result, the house is a paradise for nature lovers.

This alternative designs and ideas to scratch the surface of current trends in housing.

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