High Protein Foods Glycemic Index Diet Down!

High Protein Foods Glycemic Index Diet Down No Explanation Here!

Search and investigation of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, as opposed to food leaving the stomach. Eating slowly digested proteins and the fact that more time is needed for digestion of fats.

Increase blood sugar slowly, so in fact, a number of protein foods to eat protein with a protein important, if you can reduce the GI carbohydrates.


You can slow down the digestion of foods rich in proteins

He returned to the glycemic index of glucose measurement in blood by how quickly carbohydrate-laden foods. Today, this system is used in high protein foods.

The target of a level to get into a panic easily cause our system blood control sugar digest foods, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, in which a number of health problems, so you can skyrocket sugar your blood glucose in the blood often cause control of protein daily meals are included. Sugar remains at healthy levels, so we can expect a healthy life.

The scale structure glycemic index

The food is easily digested and converted into glucose to understand why the table glycemic index carbohydrates, protein or fat food, is used to measure the movement.

Food in the area between the keyboard, the food, the GI of 55 or less, as a form of mystical 56-59, but the upper range of food, 70 or more for a GI. low blood sugar in a food slow increase GI-fat, including expected food rich in protein; blood sugar is a fast growing, while the top of the food to them.

Protein low-GI carbohydrates

Unlike the carbohydrates, protein-rich food having a low glycemic index. This cheese (38-41), meat (34-36), in the kitchen, such as milk is relatively low GI protein found in almost all foods, (35 -360 of which produced depending on the way), soy protein (80-88) and (80-82), chicken (31), fish (31) and Turkey (30), Lamb (33).

Protein-rich foods to keep blood sugar

The popularity of high-protein meals to keep blood sugar in our system, the substance can be an important factor. In fact, the total consumption of protein and fats survey shows that 60% of the glucose is converted to 50 percent effective in blood sugar. In other words, protein and fat contributes to high blood sugar in our food system.

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