History and Applications Processors

History and Applications Processors You Should Know

The software is an important and complex work of the mission, in many of the largest companies worldwide. It is safe and effective systems to process large amounts of data, because they rely on the host computer.

For years, the computing power, software to support some of the largest companies in the world was silent.

The first generation of mini-computer

The existence of large computers, the IBM 705 in 1954, and IBM 1401 models of the first generation of mainframe stems from the fact that a large part of the area in the year 1950 should be based on vacuum tubes in 1959, and it was very expensive.

Today, the first generation of mainframe processing equipment, although not the most powerful machines in certain areas at this time. Just like today's computers, used as a large corporate data centers to the central data warehouse.

The name suggests, architecture (360 degrees) supports a wide range of applications.

This write up a lot of compatibility problems with the latest processor allows for easy upgrade without requiring special hardware or software, allows clients to work with the program. In general, the S / 360 can be seen as a turning point in the history of the mainframe development.

Large 1990 - IBM T-Rex

In the early 1990s, the rise of client-server computing model, challenging the rule of processors. Industry experts predict the end of the mainframe computer and "dinosaur" began to call him. This new demand and new requirements for the new version of mainframe development to IBM. T-Rex, advanced features and improved data processing capabilities are enabled. Web services, disaster recovery, autonomic and Grid Computing, including some of the new features. Will play a central role in the main centers of large distributed networks.

The current generation of mainframe systems

The use of mainframe systems in 2000, it will be better than before. Called big boy of the series "Z", the latest versions z196 and zEC12. It is relatively small and can track multiple workloads.

Mainframe applications in various fields

Computer science, engineering and many other fields there are many programs.

• Banks and processors in many economic benefits. Thousands of sites in this area has a variety of mainframe software, transactions via ATM and purchase agreement with a credit at the same time, maps.

• Insurance companies, the financial data of customers and other relevant information to data from the mainframe complaint.

• Large-scale storage and patient information processor for managing the use of public health, clinical research, pharmaceutical, laboratory reports, companies etc.

• Mainframes government as a data warehouse. Is surprisingly easy and reliable mainframe to the complexity of the data involved, the size and diversity.

Since 1982, IBM mainframes and VM, VSE, ZOS FTP and other systems for the highest quality of software and technical support offers various software services.

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