In 2016 The Top 5 FPS Games For Android

In 2016 The Top 5 FPS Games For Android Do Not Miss It

1. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout began in 2014 to life in the top list of the best FPS games of 2016, maintained its position. Always, Florence, Venice, terrorist attacks, and the first mission of the Phoenix tea US Marines, come to save the world before.

The game, of course, worthy of its position in the list for the incredible story of the hero all the underwater world with camera movement and greater involvement of the private security relay, Gilman, conspiracy, and stunning graphics, determined when the hero to perform some stunts. There are several quests in the game. The game is very addictive and do not stop until the Earth to kill all terrorists.

2. Dead Trigger 2

A list of the best FPS games for a game of crazy zombies to kill a lot of fun for Dead Trigger 2, the best time. And the only brand super fun game, the graphics in this game you love. You can buy with real money or weapons collected during the mission of money you can buy at the end of the mission, with heavy weapons, you have chosen to kill the Selection tool, a screwdriver with hands expecting a large insurance zombies if not defeated.

3. Deer Hunter 2016

Amazing realistic graphics make you feel like a real thief who jumps a shooting game in first person. It is equipped with a double-barreled gun, killing cute animals.

4. Battlefield

Fight, come to one of the best strategy games. In fact, dozens of weapons and parts with a paintball game.

This game is in the corner lean left / right function. The field can be improved through practice play mode. Plays like a console game.

5. Gunship Zombie

Undead zombies by hatred for those who feel revived again to kill the game. This game is more reflections, shadows, explosions and clear graphics. A 25 mm Gatling, 40 millimeters installed Bofors automatic cannon, and 105 mm with AC-130 gun, because unlike other zombie games, you have the risk of being bitten by a zombie, Howitzer to 's.

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