Keep The Old Mainframe Computer System

Why Would Anyone Want To Keep The Old Mainframe Computer System?

You may not believe, but the old mainframe computers are still in use today, and work very well. Many people have a tendency can be done in much less space today because this is what surprised.

But the truth is that computer systems built in the 70s and 80 and a little bit of money, and now settled, and have no need for them to work in a very good position.

Especially if it is already outdated, and did a good job. Talking with someone who worked in the department of Hitachi mainframe, and was responsible for North America and Canada to visit.

Hitachi mainframe computer business and was just out of college computer goes wrong for young children who do not know when and how to solve them, because it is, more than ever, it is necessary.

Prepare something new, but Hitachi will use all the old things in many places, and is usually very good. Moreover, no one writes processors, computer viruses.

This is how a new mainframe computer repair person to explore the learning curve a bit, and the veterans, many now retired.

This is an old mainframe computer system no longer makes sense in many cases to save you, and why it works well, and in cooperation with other company systems hardware, especially if you can see.

In addition, an IT company instead of a large amount of capital used in the old system, or high gain.

This is nothing more than some of the largest processors of technological dinosaurs, but still work for these old dinosaurs evolutionary arms race. There is this interesting?

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