Kirby Super Star Dreamland

Kirby Super Star Dreamland Is Under Siege

Dreamland is under siege! The start of the recovery, our hero Kirby. King Dedede Dreamland food supply, but not the only one! To help in the battle for a "helper, Kirby one of the great powers. Or under the supervision of assistant Kirby join some friends for two-player action. Action and adventure through eight challenging game Kirby's full support. Spring Breeze join the fight, gourmet race in a race against King Dedede and Dyna blade face of a winged warrior.

The game is always interesting and challenging. Kirby the dream of every individual to enjoy the country and out of control. Kirby burning them or use them to win the forces of your enemy is, then the enemies and win. If you do not already know and you can fly to Kirby, they do not fly. Kirby flying, can hurt the enemy touting a cloud of dust. They can move as an attempt to destroy the enemies of Kirby.

Here the guide Kirby Super Star games list ...

Spring Breeze

King Dedede Dreamland, stole all the food and once again it did not stop him from Kirby. Spring Breeze is the world Kirby is a simple and fun way to introduce new players. They must win their enemies with classic Kirby and 4 steps in the performance of their duties.

Dyna Blade

Dyna Blade, a giant bird to prevent the country from terrorism and guess who is up for the job. Yes, the same Kirby! It is more than a great challenge for the players, such as the spring breeze, with Dyna Blade game Kirby Super Star Kirby. Kirby and King Dedede to see who gets it, and decided to have a race to gather food.

The Great Cave Offensive

Kirby TRAVEL fell through a hole in the million dollar fund, there are rumors that a large cave was discovered. Kirby to make it through the cave and you need to collect all the treasures. Back Metaknight Metaknight evil, and his team won with a huge flying ship, from the land of dreams. Of course, Kirby Warpstar for horses and lead the movement. Metaknight revenge on humans a great challenge and a great story. This, and the type of the classic Kirby, but many surprises and challenges that await you.

Milky Way Wishes

Sun and moon, day and night fighting Dreamland combined effect of all living. Any time you can switch between the various forces, and this understanding, all the exciting action Kirby puts a new twist.

Megaton punch

This mini game is very interesting, but also very easy to use.

Samurai Kirby

Another mini-game, you can choose the difficulty of the number of players and Samurai Kirby. This game is a reflex test and requires a click on a button to see a "!". You, too, because it had canceled if any button. Samurai Kirby offers the most challenging and fun.


Some of the best SNES Kirby never looked better. If healthy eating Kirby is also very good. Look at all the great movements on the screen; Kirby and his enemies. Kirby Super Star SNES is one of the best games in terms of graphics.

Sound quality:

Everyone likes to listen music Kirby? It sounds great, and efforts to clean and perfect coverage. If you invincible, fast music, and who can forget the dance music Kirby. Everyone Kirby loves to dance, or at least.

Control of the game:

Information Kirby Super Star, of course, a good and easy to learn. The B button continuously pressed Kirby Kirby fly jump.

Flight time is limited, so do not worry. Y button and then spit into other enemies or the enemies of Kirby does not win, the game is probably the most important support for the market. Y button under water, the air and water guns to shoot the ball during flight. If you use the button to create a helper, and you have no power, you can use a button to help you get rid of power.

L and R buttons all enemies and obstacles Kirby is not to protect the most vulnerable. Moreover, the Ansar Kirby button, or you can use the self-destruction of deformed and Kirby can not be long, but this is not a very big problem.


One of the eight games, mini games you can play for a long time, Kirby Super Star. Milky Way Wishes for some time to gather all the major offensive forces, and all the treasures in the cave. If the assistant will be the second player in this game, like the feature for multiple players will love the fun and keep hitting.

Final thoughts:

Thus, Kirby Super Star in a nutshell. It's all the secrets of the real end put some more mini-games for the first Kirby game was good, and the second player. Even with the release of N64 Kirby Shard, this is the best games in Kirby.

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