Main Features Of The Car DVR System

Main Features Of The Car DVR System You Should Know

Movie G-sensor-dam

This is the car to look for a DVR system, the most important characteristic of a two-to-. If you need to find an accident or emergency that writing table, the camera can not find a place to stop. If there is no such thing as an accident in a car with motion sensor on the DVR system, however, it can be detected automatically. If suddenly the car to slow down, stop and place images "lock".

Greater storage capacity

Speaking of storage devices, a DVR car worth investing money in the system, the capacity of the SD card support. Some systems are also available, or you can provide more space for up to 1 terabyte external hard drive support.

Long events, and any length in order to negotiate with the police or the other driver, but it is particularly useful. Video: The next target will be discussed taking into account the extra space is even more important.

High-definition video

Car DVR car camera quality images of the video analysis. If you have low resolution (360p) standard resolution (480p), high resolution (720p), HD (1080p) and Ultra High Definition (4K). crisp, clear images in low-resolution videos can be muddy sensitive information. For example, plates, lights, flash and gestures can be lost at a lower resolution. Stresses the need to store large capacity, on the other hand, the memory of these high resolution images.

Wide operating temperature range

Before he died, and last but not least, you can tolerate temperature range camera and DVR, you need to keep a sharp eye. The last thing you want to do, but he died because of the heat or cold for you to find the car with the camera system.

If you are particularly exposed areas of the car, if they contribute to this important feature. The sun in summer and cold in winter heat is not a DVR machine, can kill. If you have, especially if in a hurry, regular parking, air-conditioned rooms are kept, even if you have a less than ideal place to know when to park the car.

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