Mainframe Systems In A Secure Operating System

z / OS Mainframe Systems In A Secure Operating System Reviews

Computers, normally used by large organizations, there is a lot of information and other confidential data, business logic, this information is very important for an organization and the z / OS fulfills the requirements of the protection. These files, programs, scripts and applications, such as multi-level security, ready to use for the operator.

z / OS files

"Data" or logically connecting a group of entries. Each file has a name. The / OS administrator external security of the operating system z (ESM) works when the user tries to access the data is checked. First, check the user information (username and password), original or not is checked. Second, check the list of users who can access the data. As a result, the standard z / OS is very secure operating system.

This not only protects data from unauthorized users or applications, but it can not be deleted or, in various stages of testing a number of users to protect data from accidental destruction of files.

Software z / OS protection

The program is nothing but a part of your business operation, to protect the organization's programs or applications for the organization, such as data protection is important. This software library that manages programs for best z / OS operating system protected (where to run all the programs that are ready to be loaded).

Z / OS feature the "authorized" or APF called. APF identifies and system programs System programs (z / OS software) apart. This user program or the system does not allow access to sensitive functions.

z / OS is ready to run programs / work

The z / OS operating system software on the mainframe system has been developed and is ready for use. Such programs are "duties". Using the user ID, the user checks whether the privileges and rights of all. Z / OS to assign a user name. z / OS RACF system mode, the table allows you to program the identity and class.

Operator commands z / OS

Not only files and software, z / OS, you can change or destroy the information and resources of the organization in order to protect organizations.

z / OS console commands restrict the entry and processing. External Security Manager (ESM), as the mainframe RACF system to prevent unauthorized users on the mainframe system and tell them what they spend the early warnings ESM command.

OS, z / OS and other operating systems, and secure. These data, applications, commands, and company resources to ensure high security.

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