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Mobile Car Valet Pro

Details Car washing and personal preferences, what is the main thing. If you can tolerate a dirty car, should not be disturbed. If the valet, if you have a great view of the vehicle, mobile phone, and then you choose is something that should be taken into account.

Many people prefer to treat their data automatically. The most important thing for you to remember that you have the right tools, and a clear, detailed information should be easy to use solution. If you have a car more than four hours of high quality for more information, and for a few hours to clear your schedule. What will help us in this matter, the air is compressed. This is because dust particles flying around your face masks for protection.

What suede or velvet microfiber fabric and upholstery cleaning solution. After your visit to the first brush with a dry cloth to wipe clean cloth on the second floor.

Transparent plastic windows and vinyl

Cleaner Re functions as vehicle cleaning. Simply wipe a micro-cloth and some spray. Windows, towels, cleaning the role of the window and right. Lines, leaving the glass clean with a towel after the escape.


Themselves specially designed cleaners to clean the seats is important. Many items soiled fabrics. Check the manufacturer's instructions. A tool that will help you sweep the floor. Careful treatment of leather leather trim and vinyl seats, never use the same product.

Make sure the carpet

It is easier and more efficient, because you need to clean the carpets is always out of the car. Fabric and rubber mats, carpets, wash and wear test is used, you can replace them. Rubber mats never wet clothes.


A dry towel on the door pillar with oil, then wash with water and soap. Fill it with a small brush and vine wax. Clean the surface with a cloth, rub in order to prevent dust and dirt back, but remember to frequently wash.

These recommendations are a very good professional expert mobile car valet nearly as good. Not only have the right to invest the time and be the best.

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