Modern Mainframe Computers

Modern mainframe computers reviews

Many of the technologies developed by the invention of mainframe computers. We have the most reliable computing solution will discuss the unique features offered by computers.

High capacity:

Mainframe computing power with other unique computer. Computers and efficient production of large quantities of high-power, embedded processor (I / O).

This function can be applied to a large database of information on the effective capacity, high efficiency.

Great memory:

Software designed for large enterprises, because they need to support operations and a large amount of memory.

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You can run multiple operating systems:

Each computer can run multiple operating systems. Large size, every operating system allows multiple virtual machines with individual character.

As a result, a host computer, not only eliminates the need for additional hardware to eliminate multiple operating system, but instead is home to hundreds of smaller servers. Some of the processors supported operating systems, UNIX, Linux, z / OS, z / VM, z / VSE and z / TPF.

Central computing:

Mainframe systems to a monitor on the desktop, using a mainframe processor that allows you to control all functions, offers a host. This reduces the effective mainframe property management and administrative costs.

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Debugging Applications:

Analysis mainframe computers with multiple levels of detail allows you to watch and record. Full debugging the application of this type of design time and time to work with the following points will help you diagnose problems.

Real-time monitoring and control:

Parents have to deal with the administration of a computer network to function effectively. Immediately reported to determine the solution of the problems in time and real-time reports.

It supports multiple users and application programs:

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Large users and applications simultaneously without interfering with each other in a series intended to access many resources. At the same time, also ensure safety standards are observed.

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