Prevent Top Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease

It Can Prevent Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease

US killer, heart disease, obesity, cancer and Alzheimer's disease. The Americans, who are out of fashion consumption of processed foods and cereals loaded with sugar. With the consumption of sugar, the body develops resistance to insulin and leptin, and this will cause the accumulation of body fat. Moreover, the main resistance of inflammation and cell damage.

Most research studies that came to light in a diet, cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease, including many health problems, the answer could be.

Diet of healthy fats, omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids are very low carbohydrate diet. The purpose of this diet is the body begins to burn fat for energy, so full of fruits and vegetables, the elimination of glucose. Glucose, is no longer possible, because the energy the body burns fat. This will help you achieve optimal health, but thinks burning body fat for energy, help you lose weight more effectively.

If you are diabetic medications, medications for high blood pressure or breast-feeding, and there will need to take some extra steps, so do some research before you start your diet.

Dietary ketosis benefits:

Weight loss:

A diet, the body actually becomes a fat burning machine. Carbohydrates and generally help to build a healthy fat burning metabolism of the body will use fat more efficiently.

The battle against cancer:

Cancer cells feed on sugar. Your blood sugar and carbohydrates, you can effectively prevent or fight cancer. Unlike the cells of our body, the cancer cells can not be fat energy. These cancer cells need to grow sugar, hungry, actually starving. Ideally, it is healthy fat (not junk food), 20% protein (meat selection) 70%, and 5% of healthy carbohydrates such as diet (vegetables, dried wholemeal fruit or whole fruits and vegetables).

Brain health:

More and more medical research on a diet as a natural cure for Alzheimer's disease may be revealed. Ketosis natural flow through the body, including the brain ketones course (small fuel particles). Eating certain foods affect the brain so that the brain feeding meals, can improve cognitive function, that makes sense. More attention to diet, exercise and mental activity.

Healthy carbohydrates, and an important part of the diet, do not forget. Over a healthy carbohydrate diet, in moderation. If you start burning fat so that the body can take a period of two weeks.

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