SimCity Can Build An Ideal City?

SimCity Can Build An Ideal City and You Can Not Pass

Start with the city (its name) and the capital to build them. Or with the city's problems under the Recovery. However, taxes, belts, crime, transportation, education, fire protection and other important matters at hand.

As time goes by, and will be part of any decision in the future. His assistant, Dr. Wright can help you make the right decisions. Surprise disaster in your city as fires, earthquakes, plane crashes, nose industrial pollution is very big threat grows as Roxanne Tod White Pet!

They build the ideal city? Or unhappy citizens in a ghost town?

SimCity was released for the Super Nintendo in 1991, is one of the first games started three (Mario World, F-Zero and Pilotwings) and then released immediately. Of course, there are many stories to tell; Your choice of a barren land (plus a small amount of water) and was mayor of the target of 500,000 citizens in a henhouse.

Sounds easy? Graphics of the game:

And corresponds to the best graphics of the game for themselves, it is actually above average. How to play the game fits perfectly in the context of the great music. So, it is very enjoyable to play, mix all well, of course. This game still had to be, not as a showcase for the SNES graphics capabilities.
At the same time, some very cool effects, seasons change every three months, where there were so white, brown, green forests and color changes. Music in your city, according to what stage of development. Of course, music is not boring, it is, of course, does not help.

Report sound effects, icons and drop zones addition, there is a very good choice. Sometimes a rail car, boat or plane (legal music before the disaster, or falling) away. Moreover, this is the sound effects of the game through a lot, of course, is no.

It can not leave its core composition, (bring the speed of the game, the disaster. ..) Icon interface allows you to enter this information when you need to. Regarding the construction of the city, it is very simple: build a structure that you want to click a button and the "BAM" in its structure.


This story, of course, although there is a basic requirement for the period was very unique. You should bring your Megalopolisdom city. In 1991, the note was not a part of the history of video games is very important, leading as it would otherwise. But let's face it, you can not continue playing the game story.

Total Recall:

To be honest, have a heart, remove the right way, of course, the most difficult of all video games. Code and Big money could have been easier, of course, do not know. The type of game, you have a good picture of each construction before (you only have to spend time playing with speed to meet the fast) step by step to build a solid financial base. Big Money can do it faster code, but can easily believe it.


For many, if not after you win this game. Of course, you will probably never win the game for Megalopolis. If you get bored, you can challenge the scenario of six, which is simple (crime) disastrous (fusion) in the region of a problem with the city. You're in the right place for a period of 5 or 10 years.

If you click when you are really bad, but a lot of fun playing the game. If the type of simulation science, functional and flexible, '' soundtrack ' ", more control, and that disaster, in this game you have to collect the necessary. Overall, this is much higher than just another classic game. but '' Final Fantasy III 'or' 'Mega Man X3 extremely unusual, albeit not very often.

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