Smart Tips For Planning A Holiday In Spain

Smart Tips For Planning A Holiday In Spain You Should Know

Spain, looking for some tips on how to plan a vacation? Sleep This article will help you plan a trip to Earth. If you want to enjoy a peaceful life, you can be the best place in Spain for the next holiday. Spanish people, little by little, good food and relax and just go with the rest. Spain is a country much of the character instilled this belief. Spanish beauty and enjoy intense holidays.

Activities in Spain

If you want to visit your energetic cities and hip, you can take a trip to Barcelona and Madrid. Granada has a Master of Maghrib. Get off the beaten track a little time and visit the beautiful Basque country. August especially in the large port city of Valencia, Spain, is a good time for a vacation. Bunol this time of year, stable communities gather to celebrate the tomato festival. Spain beautiful and unique places to visit in the list is endless.

Accommodation and meals

In fact, it will cost more to rent in Spain than in other Western European countries. Accommodation is cheap. A bedroom, a place in Madrid or Barcelona € 15 and € 30, will stay in the most important cities of Spain. About 40 euros per night for a double room with private living expenses. Food in Spain? 3 of 7 euros you can buy a sandwich or eat tapas. wine, eat, eat 10-13 per euro. Expenses paella and enjoy snacks and drinks 22 € to 13 euros You can enjoy a meal at the restaurant. Spain, expensive restaurant to pay about 27 euros. Mu'adh or McDonalds fast food € 6.

Transport and Activities

Spain carrying a variety of effective methods. underground through the city bus or EUR 1-3 is expected to pay for the trip. Renfe, the Spanish rail system is expensive. If you get a high-speed train route through the famous, some are willing to pay 50-140 euros. Each time from 15-45 euros. If a Spanish long-distance travel, the bus might cost about 18 euros a night. You can visit museums and other places in Spain. You spend about 2-14 euros. If you want to dive, a dive leader, usually € 45 to download.

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