The Advantages Of Virtual Concierge System

The Advantages Of Virtual Concierge System You Should Know

Virtual doormen, a popular alternative for many commercial real estate there is a regular employment, and the growing popularity for residential buildings. The reasons for this are many benefits to offer this type of service.

There are some concerns with this type of solution of the distance of the first people, although it can be effective, with the adoption of this type of system is the fact that you can take advantage of the following devices automatically.

First of all

One of the main advantages of a virtual intercom solution for commercial properties when it is much less expensive than the use of physical presence. There are many commercial buildings, such as physical security, but in some cases it is not absolutely necessary for something expensive.

One needs to make a delivery or otherwise necessary to provide guidance for the implementation of the property, if only tries to enter the service because it involves the use of a virtual machine, a cheap option.

The second

Major benefit of tenants and owners of commercial buildings or not. Each time, but often not available, millions of packets and parcels to come to accept the delivery of the tenant, and therefore the results of a transmission error.


This is particularly important since many people shopping online, people working or in school, more and more orders, that means these days. Packages are available for the first time, always delivered in a virtual concierge service can help in this case.

Parcel and package delivery, although it is an important issue for many tenants, and therefore, so to work building or repairing of access to emergency services.

A virtual intercom solution to support both of these processes may be limited and, in fact, any form of ownership, the customer wants. This may require the use of more or less stringent security control, and allows for any number of reasons. This personal approach in a crisis or emergency services need incurred during possible repair work, can be very effective.


The great advantage of this system manufacturers to benefit from the latest technology to improve every day to be safe. Now, a virtual concierge services are used AIPHONE systems, how to take into account a number of instruments that can be verified.

The major advantages of investing in these virtual concierge services are only four. The commercial real estate owners and tenants may use, repair and emergency services for their deliverymen allowing you to achieve significant benefits in the form of this solution popularity could rise further in the future.

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