The Basic Installation Requirements Mainframe Systems

You Should Know The Basic Installation Requirements Mainframe Systems

Large size, most of the "Big Iron". Large organizations play an important role. They have large amounts of processing and storing large amounts of data data. If your organization if you plan to mainframe systems, it is important to understand the basic requirements for installation. These operating systems, energy, etc.

Operating Systems

Large size to perform multiple tasks quickly and accurately. Computers that are used for regular operating systems, mainframe systems are not compatible. As Mainframes OS developed only many operating systems (OS, z), z / z / VSE (System z / Virtual extend the system), z / TPF (z / Transaction System edit mode), the z / VM (z / Virtual Machine), Linux, and so on for the system z mainframe systems designed to make a good operating system should be installed.


Desktops or servers and computers. A maximum of 30 square meters to 10 square meters, depending on the model more than enough space occupied by modern mainframe systems.

IBM Z10 BC (Business class), 953 kg in weight and 15.22 m² and a height of 79.3 inches (201,32 cm), height of 79.3 inches (201,32 cm).

The environment

Permanent and mainframe systems of high power, such as heat production has not started yet. Therefore, the mainframe system, wherein the cool, well-ventilated and dust. Clean air is important for the management of these systems. Dust and heat mainframe systems, which is the biggest enemy.

For example, IBM Z10 EC (Business Class) 93,8 KBTU / h Heat 33,1 KBTU / h / h heat produces 24,7 KBTU (Business Class) 12,5 KBTU / h IBM Z10 BC ..


Mainframe systems, as well as other customer data, business logic, and important information, including information on all types of organizations, institutions, and should be better protected. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for mainframe systems is very important.

A mainframe system, depending on the model, and requires at least 27.5 kW power from 3,7 kW motor.

IBM Z10 EC (Enterprise Class), the maximum power of 9.7 kW and 27.5 kW drive requires a minimum; IBM Z10 BC (Business Class) minimum and maximum 3.7KW 7.35KW input.

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