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A tool for those interested in a scene of preventive measures is the next big thing. This is going to protect your car is simple to use and compact, easily, and it was the talk of the town. In this article we will focus on applications and their advantages.


Car scene, and for good reason, your car will protect you from a variety of natural elements provide shade during the summer and lost. High quality aluminum frame, you do not have to worry about the wear mechanism.


In addition, four adding wind sure that you also place a strong wind. Real umbrella, but the stress of high winds, rain or snow resistant design wear, like an ordinary umbrella.


Tent is easy to auto setting This ingenious invention can be installed quickly, and can not be even the smallest drive. First, remove the trunk and on the roof. The wireless button, will be less than 8 seconds to mobilize the table. Wind disputing parties, and you're done. Protection of the park, and the single umbrella with wind at least 30 seconds.


This product has been made to highlight some of the important advantages in the market. Military-grade material, and strong absorption, do not worry about damage or weather does not matter.
Wipe the internal temperature drops to 30 degrees in summer day breathing machine. If the screen for a long time to protect your car while waiting for a friend to keep cool, or simply take a nap in the tent, a real innovation in the future.

Now, this is a great product to use and set aside the time has come to invest in their future cars. Simple to use, and water colors and unique design, windproof, this element of the car's protection like no other. Click or call today and see how the car of the future!

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