The History Of Lego Star Wars You Do Not Know

The History Of Lego Star Wars

This is not a game where all the children when it comes to the fact that the Lego Star Wars is a very interesting story. You can think of this child's imagination, space, construction of buildings and nothing goes back to the use of the popular plastic building blocks. Lego epic, a carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen company in Billund, Denmark, launched in 1932, wooden toys, ladders and ironing board. What time it was clear who was born in Lego.

Kristiansen Danish words "Leg Godt", the name Lego was created in 1934 to "play well." But in Latin, the word Lego "I stitched together. This means that, unfortunately, in 1942, the factory burned down and Kristiansen had to repair it, but only two years later, Kristiansen injection factory molding machine created to buy the plastic toy, but it was still the formation of structural elements.

At the same time, according to today's Lego is a very different, both we and our parents to be heard. The children Lego themed movies, play with Lego theme parks, and some of the Lego toy lines created by Lego video games, themes based on this open. The game lines after the video game Lego Star Wars Lego Star Wars.

The game was first released in 2005 and launched in late 1970 and 1980, the real Star Wars trilogy based on the trilogy, but the game is actually released the final Star Wars movie was released a month ago.

LucasArts and Sony Playstation2, the Microsoft Xbox Eidos Interactive and developed by computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Also developed for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. In August 2005, the Port A Mac, Mac, and in October 2005, a game designed for the version of the Nintendo GameCube.

Lego Star Wars awarded Game of the Year and received very good reviews. In September 2006, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy was published a year later, in November, called Lego Star Wars prequel game released in 2007, followed by: The Complete Saga. Some of the best toys Lego Star Wars video games, such as waiting, and there have been many gaming sites, 5 stars: scores between 4 and 5 stars. Electronic games for children and a great way to experience the world through the Lego legacy.

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