Tips For Taking Care Of The Electric Bike Battery

Taking Care Of The Electric Bike Battery You Should Know

Electric bike is usually based on lithium batteries have the opportunity to save a lot of energy and a great regular trips. With proper care and attention they need to invest in the long term, this battery can be expensive to use.

Here are some tips for taking care of the battery:

Charging the lithium battery

The best strategy, should be kept fully charged as possible to maintain the health of the lithium battery. It will be allowed if the battery is completely discharged on a regular basis in the future to ensure their ability to retain a charge.

Keep the battery clean and dry

Although this battery is designed to take a small amount of light rain, if possible, to keep it clean and dry, it is usually recommended. The battery current relations, the efficiency and effectiveness of the weak, the long-term prevention of corrosion or rust problems should be kept dry.

To maintain the cool temperature of the battery

The battery cells are held in a very warm environment, a less effective. The battery begins to lose speed through the hot weather. This is a disadvantage for the battery regularly. A significant difference electric lithium limit, transportation, storage and cold storage.

Keep the e-bike in the right way

If you plan a few months, if the electric bicycle is stored is important. a battery, once every 5-10 weeks for long term benefits.

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