What Is The Great Power Of Micro-Greens?

The Great Power Of Micro-Greens You Should Know

Eat lunch or dinner, microgreens;

If not, this little green to study the nutritional benefits of a long time now! Micro greens, already know and love the issue of child food. Usually achieved (or small leaves sprout-like) growth, usually less than 14 days. Micro green like spinach, cabbage, green onions, arugula and broccoli can be grown as a major supermarket. However, cress, mustard, green onion plants, radish and clover mixture with them. Micro greens plants do not like the taste.

This low value table?

Most nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, amino acids, and even a small package means. If you do not have much plant material, since it is easier to use ideas on how to mix them in a smoothie diet instead of a burger with lettuce salad sprouts (or on top of each sandwich, of course) or spinach micro seedlings omelette spinach leaves.

Micro greens are many health benefits with small leaves.

You can choose the health benefits vary slightly between different plant varieties. Clover, calcium, potassium and magnesium, such as bean sprouts C rich. Nobody eats sunflower plants acids, folic acid and vitamin E and amino acid copper traces.

If you are a home can improve the micro-greens?

Yes! Of course, if you like the end is worth it, but if you are looking for a quick greens, Chia seeds than you need. Easy Chia seeds are a step in the development of their children, ceramic "pet" animals. They grow fast foods, packaged seeds for mercy, and even faster for salad sprouts. Chia sprouts taste a little "sharp". This is not strong, such as onions or radish sprouts, such as alfalfa, but not soft.

Eye security?

Some of the seeds, some potting soil (or -starter earth the seed mix) and the lower court, the majority of people in their homes with micro greens. The Chia seeds are placed, of course, the bottom plate germinate in moist soil. This applies to green mold Micro as the care of a plant and to avoid problems such as a call to serve, and it is important to maximize nutrition. But with some quick tips, these small plants are generally easy to manage.

Things to remember:

Small clips or leaf springs from the fact that one centimeter above the substrate deployed clean, high quality food with scissors clip. Plastic or ceramic scissors, scissors (using a template) to avoid tanning good health for the content of chlorophyll, the highest level before the end of the green shoots or a few hours in the hot sun exposure. If you find mold on the basis of consumption / her to use a humid climate, sunny window, and they put the seeds of your problems until you are ready to prevent any best to keep them there green clip when top 1-2 inches. If you love micro greens, insects, seeds and other pests, such as do not want food, they are not protected by screens or mini greenhouse can grow. Manure moisture - moisture fogging heavy watering down of shops, washing of soil or mold seeds can provide a safe level. Most grass is approximately 10 to 14 days, but did not grow back just cut. Soft serve only cold water immediately and green. No need to fertilize their original diet called the seeds of its own.

Greens, and the means to save money, and sometimes less expensive supermarket or new content. If any of the varieties of experience, and still have your food if you want something a little soft, you can always only seeds Chia. During the taste bud Chia seeds. They scrambled eggs, yogurt, ice cream, salad dressing, soup, stew, such as daily, without changing the taste of food, the mixture can be, and if you can spray your PB & J. Chia you can use seeds. Remember the last appearance Note: Chia nutritional memorable show how to grow "the seeds of the original nutritional design, Bud, do not need fertilizers." bud size of small seeds, big and strong. You can save money and microgreens small parties and large pots or grown in large areas, because you can never save your home. A foil pie & potting mix, such as a small bag easy thing (of course, the seeds!)

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