5 Top Malibu California Seafood Restaurants You Can Not Miss

Top Malibu California Seafood Restaurants

We are interested to find out where the best fish restaurants in Malibu, California?

1) Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market and Patio Cafe

Malibu Seafood was a popular place for locals to enjoy fresh seafood since 1972. What Malibu Seafood is amazing that it is across the Pacific Ocean, so you can spend a day at the beach with his family and then Malibu seafood and a delicious seafood meal enjoy the terrace cafe or buy fresh seafood from the fish market, the home and enjoy with your family to get.

The menu at Malibu Seafood offers a wide variety of fresh seafood you can order or take home, soup with fresh seafood, fried fish, grilled fish and the best seafood cocktail in Southern California.

2) Restaurant Dukes Malibu

If you are interested in surfing and has a seafood restaurant with a small Hawaiian flair with a search you can visit Dukes Malibu Restaurant in Malibu, California.

Duke is a bar and a restaurant dedicated to Duke Kahanamoku father of surfing. When visiting Duke enjoy surfing history, stunning views of the Pacific, delicious fresh seafood, drinks with friends, and more. The menu at Duke offers a wide variety of Hawaiian items, fresh seafood, soups, salads and local specialties, such as cheeseburgers, grilled chicken and barbecue side.

3) Malibu Moon Shadow

This delicious seafood restaurant offers guests a magnificent sea view and a finely crafted kitchen. Open for brunch, lunch, dinner and also stop a great place for dessert in town for one night.

The Moon's shadow menu has a variety of items such as delicious fresh seafood, clam chowder, burgers, sandwiches, grilled chicken, and more.

4) Paradise Cove Malibu

Anyone who has seen TV or films in the last 20 years, is to know when visiting Paradise Cove. The menu at Paradise Cove has many delights seafood and fresh fish of the day, fish and chips, fresh chicken & Prime Steak and tasty tacos.

If you live in Southern California or Malibu visit on your next vacation, you owe it to yourself to visit the Paradise Cove, so you can enjoy this beautiful part of the history of California.

5) Reel Inn

Serious seafood lovers should visit the Royal Inn and enjoy this iconic destination surfers, beach goers and seafood lovers are enjoying for decades.

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