6 Causes of Dry Skin (and Remedies)

Causes of Dry Skin (and Remedies) ~ With care, you can make dry skin.

Causes and appearance

This results in dry skin does not have to be complicated. Can be reduced by harsh soaps, long shower, hot or even the wrong kind of clothes. But drugs can also lead to dry skin. It is important to find out what is causing your dry skin to treat.

You can make the appearance of the skin in people with dark skin and cause embarrassment and self-consciousness about their appearance gray.

Since most of these types of skin problems caused by external factors, can be treated abroad:

1) Dry air

Dry air is probably the most common cause of dry skin in winter only exacerbates the problem. Not only the winter cold air is responsible for the drying of the skin, but the dry heat in your home is to blame. To combat the effects of dry air, use a moisturizing skin cream and consider a humidifier in your home. Turn your thermostat also helps.

2) Hot showers and baths

We all wanted a relaxing shower or warm baths. Prolonged exposure to water, especially hot water will wash all the natural oils that protect your skin. Leaving the bath if you feel tight skin, which means that it is dry. Choosing bathing in a bath will help and uses less water. When finished, tap your body dry and use a moisturizer while skin is slightly damp.

3) Soap

Soap is one of the major culprit dry skin. Very soap contains harsh detergents and use them quickly dry skin films. The only body parts that really need is soap legs, hands, groin and armpits. Avoid soaps with artificial flavoring and coloring agents, and those promising bubbles and foam, these components only dry skin. Soap with natural oils such as jojoba or EMU is also good for the skin.

If itching, when new, probably will always itchy and it is only a skin irritant. Dry skin is already sensitive, so why expose your skin irritants clothes? Tight clothing can also contribute to dry, sensitive skin and increase skin irritation and itching.

4) Medications and Drugs

Many drugs have a side effect of dry skin. These drugs include:

- High blood pressure, such as diuretics

- Allergies such as antihistamines

- Acne and other skin diseases like retinoids you experience dry skin and you think it may be the cause of the medication, talk about options with your doctor. Perhaps the dose is changed is what you need.

Dry skin is often caused by external factors. Aging is a natural progression that leads to dry skin. Most people develop dry skin as they age, especially among women. Changes in hormones can lead to dry skin, and many are simply genetic - some people are more susceptible to this.

5) Illnesses

Medical conditions may also lead to dry skin. Some common causes are:

- Skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema.

- Diabetes. Fluctuations in blood sugar levels can lead to dehydration and dehydration will dry the skin. If you have diabetes, it is very important to keep your skin healthy.

- Malnutrition. You can not get the necessary nutrients the body needs let the skin dry. Sodium intake too many processed foods and beverages can dry the body and skin.

Diseases can lead to dry skin. Treatment of the disease itself can solve dry skin or you may need additional help, such as regular hydration.

What to do for dry skin?

While dry skin may be associated with health status with respect, the chances are that it is not only because of genetics, aging or exposure to dry air and water. Dry skin may itch and feel uncomfortable, but it is manageable if preventive treatment.

6) Hydration

The first line of defense for dry skin hydration. Apply moisturizer while the skin is still wet, so that it can detect moisture in the skin. Pat, so it is your dry skin still slightly damp and then apply your moisturizer. Emu oil is also help to relieve dry skin, known as it enters the tissue more quickly and effectively reduces the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and burns.

Shorter showers, less hot water and can help regular hydration. Use a humidifier if the air is dry in your home and stay away from harsh soaps and bubble baths that remove the fatty layer of skin. If you have a lot of things, and tries nothing seems to help, then maybe you should talk with your doctor to see if that helps, because it can help.

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