Auditor General Information About The IGCSE Standard

Auditor General Information About The IGCSE Standard You Should Know

IGCSE expanded as the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. School with famous international certification. Since 1858 IGCSE CIE University of Cambridge International Examinations 1988 due to the fact that the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom before the inspection. Term «IGCSE" is registered trademark of the University of Cambridge. Usually someone Board IGCSE Cambridge IGCSE CIE, as he says.

Training IGCSE O-level, but the national GCSE similar to the UK curriculum.


IGCSE is present in more than 120 countries and independent schools and private international schools. IGCSE certificate recognized by major colleges and universities. In many countries, the demand for entry-level universities and institutes. University students can complete IGCSE. IGCSE known to students and adult learners. IGCSE is taken by students aged 14-16 or 15-17. This alternative education for students and adults students to sit for the exam, and allows you to continue to promote private education.

Secondary education, in contrast to the US IGCSE Opt unschooling some teachers as an American high school in the normal course of the extended year.


IGCSE more than 70 people. Other accounting sciences, economics, sociology and business studies, computer studies, art and design, as well as information and communication technologies in the selection of students.

Students in each discipline IGCSE certificate. If you have five topics, 5 IGCSE certificates. IGCSE G *, and "Research" Students U. maintain a minimum C grade school or the education system, the following five main issues.

The list follows the classification of IGCSE:

A 4.0 or 4.3 as a note

A 4.0

B 3.7

C 3.0

D 2.3

E 2.0

F 1.3

G 1.0

U 0.0 (nominal)

Group Award Cambridge ICE

Cambridge ICE certificate groups to provide training prize. Candidates five IGCSE curriculum areas at least seven subjects:

Group 1 - Language

Group 2 - Social Sciences and Humanities

Group 3 - Science

Group 4 - Mathematics

5 groups, creative, professional and technical

Cambridge ICE allowed to spend at least 7 people Cambridge IGCSE, and the Group 1 and Group 2 and 5.

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