Can The Incredible Edible Dark Chocolate Really Keep The Doctor Away

The Incredible Edible Dark Chocolate Really Keep

Dark chocolate is healthy. The medical and scientific research confirms the dark chocolate as a potential savior of life. Dark chocolate could the opposite of «White Knight" comes to save us! The chocolate every rotten another matter.

They have learned from time immemorial that chocolate goes:

Cause of tooth decay
Cause of acne or pimples
It contains caffeine

... And the list goes on.

Cause caries

Dark chocolate is often found without sugar or milk solids and other additives in milk chocolate. Indeed, cocoa butter dark chocolate actually containing coating to prevent the teeth plaque accumulation.

Even more surprising is the fact that dark chocolate reduces the desire for sweets, they work against them and consumption seem to do. In a sense, it could be seen as green leafy vegetables that do not care much to eat, but you can do it anyway, because it's good for you, and is not only unpleasant to eat.

Are you kidding me; Dark chocolate in the same sentence stated with green leafy vegetables? Dark chocolate is to start not bitter? Depends. There are many types of dark chocolate, as surely just noticed your favorite look in the candy section supermarkets. Back in the day, "mother" Bakers chocolate was a little uncomfortable, bitter taste worse than a clean spoon, cocoa powder Hershey. Well, this is not a slam against Hershey no or dark chocolate or cocoa powder. You know, you can not change the fact that the sun rises in the east, and you can not change the fact that pure cocoa powder in language is bitter!

Okay, so back to the topic that is the bitter dark chocolate or not?

These days, with the dissemination of information on the health of dark chocolate is everywhere obviously a "plethora" of different combinations and strengths. And some are bitter taste on the tongue than others. Of course there are exceptions that you can read on websites that deal specifically with dark chocolate!

It all depends on the sense of taste in the end. There are conflicting views on whether or not "taste zones" in the language. A good indicator of whether your tastes bitter "somewhere" in your language!

Causes Acne or pimples

It is really what "could be called the history of old women" one more. Well, this is not the red suit to tell the story is wrong, but acne and pimples, which, of course! Not a trace of truth! In fact, it would be almost impossible (notice not impossible) to have an allergic reaction to chocolate. Acne and pimples are a form of skin changes in testosterone levels in men and estrogen in gallons to respond.

No big secret Dark chocolate is "guilty as charged" found

It contains caffeine

Here he goes again. There has never been a single piece of medical research, (released only one there) have scientific, biological or zoological or evidence that cocoa beans contain caffeine one iota! There is a bit of a rumor spread that you have something in the dark background. There is no trace of truth but follow, as if it were written in stone!

A substance called theobromine in cocoa and biological or chemical composition is very similar to caffeine. And to be sure, theobromine is a substance produced energy, but that's all caffeine similarity.

The Obromine power lasts four to five times more than caffeine and is not addictive! So if you ever got the idea late to eat a piece of dark chocolate in the evening, because the caffeine will keep, not the caffeine that keeps you. Three major myths about dark chocolate broken only! Cariogenic, but also helps prevent. It does not cause acne or pimples and is energetic and not addictive!

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