Discovered Down Under Queensland Australia

Hidden Gems Discovered Down Under Queensland Australia

If you ever thought that it was on an island live beyond his wildest dreams, then think again. Down Under in Queensland, Australia, there are many islands off the coast, but the islands are a rare find. Lucky enough to find an island, and believe me a hidden treasure if you enjoy the best life.

The Kawana Island on the coast of Queensland Sunshine Coast (north of Brisbane) Australia is a wonderful seaside community, with houses of approximately $ 500,000 to several million dollars villas. Kawana Iceland is basically an "inner island" surrounded by canals, National Park and the River Mooloolah.

Kawana Iceland is about halfway between Caloundra, Maroochydore to the south and the north. The roads are beautiful woodlands and a real coastal architecture is cleverly integrated with delicious landscaping.

Apart from the quality of life and wonderful walkways stretching 10 kilometers along the canal, most people really enjoy the great sense of community. A walk or bike along the canal passage is to stop an enjoyable experience with the locals for a chat on the way. The houses in the sea along the canal is spectacular and for maximum views and designed outdoor seating. The warm climate of Queensland means that almost without exception, the houses have their own pool and large areas of shaded barbecue. Besides beautiful waterfront homes for about half a dozen apartment complex. These are built to a high standard and benefit plants are gaining conquerors and long term tenants. The apartments offer for residents and not on weekends or holiday homes. Thus, the standards remain high and that people know about swimming pools, tennis court, or BBQ.

The Kawana Island to Montego famous restaurant. Named after the double side beaches are part of the island in the cafe in the double bay. Double Bay is the center of the community and is next to a wooded park and barbecue area. If you are on the island, it is so easy to forget that the outside world still exists. Kawana Island is located in the heart of the beautiful Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane and has water parks, walkways channel and a small private beaches. Residents Kawana Iceland also have a link to the Sunshine Motorway for easy access to Brisbane City. The Sunshine Coast has its own airport, and the University of Sunshine Coast. A new public hospital two billion US dollars as well as a private hospital and medical training center are also planned for the area south of Kawana. These large infrastructure projects are likely to have an extremely positive impact on the local economy.

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