Everything About Nvidia Shield

About Nvidia Shield

Nvidia has three open system platform to support a variety of mobile games from Nvidia Shield.

SHIELD tablet

Of gamers around the world have already been used to produce high quality graphics cards, NVIDIA Tegra K1 mobile processor and Full HD screen with 1080. Tablet 8 inch speakers to produce the front of the aircraft and support tasks, such as cover.


SHIELD Portable

Finishing and precise control with full travel players for portable NVIDIA SHIELD is a multi-functional device. A Tegra 4 mobile processor, touch screen, 5-inch 720p is powered by.
It is optimized for games, but all popular emulator. Online with the ability to play the type of removable media and any Google premium entertainment device Hulu and Netflix, as well as a download.

SHIELD wireless controller

There is no control to work with a tablet and a laptop issues Nvidia SHIELD and Android for the first precise control. Each controller and a microphone and voice commands built.
Other features include a headphone jack, a touch pad, the Android navigation and includes dedicated keys for volume control. Of course, designed by players for players, Nvidia SHIELD game next stage of the line integration.
Star image and sound quality with the creation of products for easier access and play games on the computer, game systems will soon be on the road. Ease of use and portability of the computer game, the dominant way to play video games. And with easy access to Nvidia mobile games are a vital part of the shield.

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