Fraser Iseland Queensland Australia

Fraser Iseland Queensland Australia Reviews

Fraser Iceland is Queensland, Australia, and is the largest sand island in the world. This magical island Heritage has no paved roads, no bridges, fantastic scenery, deep sea fishing and dramatic wildlife. The only way to get to Fraser iceland, is in a 4WD vehicle.
4WDs are available for hire Brisbane, Rainbow Beach, Hervey Bay and Fraser Iceland itself available. An ideal choice for 4WD is a 4WD camper as it is fully equipped with all camping requirements.

What is a 4WD camper?

A caravan 4WD 4WD is a, which is fully equipped to explore the nature. Campers can snap a Toyota Land Cruiser car with roof tent, tents, camping equipment, including gas stove and refrigerator or a specially constructed itself.

Directions Fraser Iceland

Fraser Iceland is about 300 kilometers north of Brisbane, Queensland. A 4-hour drive of the Bruce Highway upward off to Hervey Bay, you and your RV 4WD to Fraser Iceland Service will take ship.

Alternatively, you can use the Bruce Highway near Gympie, and drive through the Rainbow Beach off by boat to catch.

Since there are no bridges to Fraser Iceland a boat from Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach 4WD takes you to reach the island. The dates and prices are subject to seasonal fluctuations. Reservations are required and timetables and prices can be checked if the detention place.

4WDriving to Fraser Iceland

Fraser Iceland is quite unique in that the eastern beaches to make a highway and an airport. You need to focus and not be added Fischer landscape to avoid running collide, down, children, dingoes and planes and other 4WDs.

Driving to the beaches on Fraser Iceland should take place only at low tide. The 4WDs can be caught in rivers and the sea. This may be responsible for an expensive recovery operation and safe rental in your 4WD can be explained by immersion invalid, is salt water.

The traffic rules and speed limits applicable. Driving at night is not recommended.

Permits for Fraser Iceland

The permits required for driving and camping on Fraser Iceland. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) provides graphic weekly tidal, track conditions reports and campsite availability. QPWS well as it allows you to drive and camping issued.


The oceans around Fraser Iceland are not recommended for swimming or surfing. Shark warning signs abound for good reason. Fraser Iceland has a large population of dingoes. The dingoes should not be fed or touched.
There are no medical facilities on Fraser Iceland. Most mobile phones or cell phones do not work in Fraser Iceland.


There are bearing the main station, rather than in place of Waddy, at Lake Mackenzie and Lake Allom.

Facilities at Fraser Iceland

Kingfisher Bay, Eurong Beach, Happy Valley, Orchid Valley and Cathedral Beach offer all the various facilities such as food takeout, accessories, fishing tackle and bait, public phones, gas stations, etc.

What to see Fraser Iceland?

75 miles or 120 kilometers from the glorious ocean, perfect year for the keen angler.

Lush rainforests grow in sand

Multicolored sand rocks dating back 700,000 years.

Huge sand dunes

Some more than 240 meters above sea level. The sand blows where the wind blown sand dunes slowly engulfing ancient lakes.

Wale The calm waters on the western side of the island, near Kingfisher Bay make beautiful water to play on the east side of the island, such as whales migrating whales overlooking the ocean.

Lagos Fraser Iceland has over 100 lakes. The water color varies from almost amazingly blue colored tea.

Wild dingos

Stranded driver 4WD unnecessary risks.


Fraser Iceland is the ultimate goal for rent 4WD camping holiday in Australia.

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