Future Of Electric Cars and Hybrids Wave

Future Of Electric Cars and Hybrids Wave You Should Know

If you see this year's Olympic Games in London, the electric car is finally here, it seems that we have more to come after the launch of electric cars ever met, but it seems to have been.

Now we need to start with a dull terminology: A real electric car (electric vehicle EV) as a backup gasoline engine, then you need to go where you will be connected to the battery capacity is sufficient. Nissan Leaf for sale at the same time the most popular electric car (and more).

An electric motor and / or a gasoline engine, hybrid, depending on the circumstances. Electrical outlet and recharge the batteries while driving. Toyota Prius, the world sales of the most popular and the most popular hybrid.

It is more like an EV compared to a regular hybrid car, a plug-in hybrid, the "enlargement" technical real dream of a hybrid electric vehicle. A number of filling or plug-in hybrid, it is commonly known, if the battery is empty that can be used to power an electric motor with a gasoline engine, but the gasoline engine to correct wheel drive. An electric motor and running a car is generally very quiet (Eerie silence or hear distant hum instead of a gasoline engine) and smooth (no vibration motor or gear). In terms of emotional manipulation, electric cars, as a rule, it is not bright. Cars that means more use, so that a typical electric car battery only a few kilometers to the sufficient number of charging the battery while driving. Typically, this kinetic braking energy braking into batteries and energy storage. Karma Fisker solar cells on the roof, as well as rechargeable batteries.

Not so regular, like a Prius hybrid in the automotive, heavy vehicles crowded around a weak engine, though, in fact, a regular gasoline car. Ampera / Volt as a "range extender," Which is more efficient and economic capacity of the electric motor and gasoline engine to drive the wheels. What are you driving? Short trips (less than 50 miles between charges).

These types of excursions, busy all the time, as well as driving charge batteries for electric cars and hybrids, plug-in is ideal. A normal hybrid, this time for the motor driven means.

Longer trips (between charges 100+ mph)

If there almost certainly will be without power, can not be fully electric car. Regularly for almost the entire trip is mainly a gasoline hybrid cars and plug-in hybrid electric, but significantly more effective than the regular hybrid gas is supplemented.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Generalization, electrically powered vehicles in three different ways:

Regular hybrid (Toyota Prius)

Pros: nervous, as in a normal gasoline car does not feel cheap, but a regular gasoline engine

Cons: very short trips (a few kilometers) relatively poor performance of a regular gasoline car or electric vehicle, the Prius minicabs in London (hard drive completely against the bad economy, small electric battery and weak gasoline engine .. .), gas and electric-powered vehicle by the passenger and cargo transportation is not very wide

Full electric vehicle (EV) (for example, the Nissan Leaf)

Pros: The powerful electric motor performance is better than the regular hybrid, one of the largest battery electric vehicles, a lot of space and reduces the weight of the gasoline engine, the power is low and generally less polluting than gasoline pounds payable in certain public places and preferential parking

Contra: still expensive, despite the decline, due to the lack of diesel fuel with minimal discomfort as a result of the range of the spectrum is considered a real problem for the drivers, the question mark of battery life, the technology, the next generation of massively better, and after the re-sale value of the damage also required to take a long time to chargePlug-in hybrids / range Filler (for example, the Vauxhall Ampera)

Pros: The backup of a powerful electric motor and a gasoline engine and a number of the best combination of trips without some anxiety, some preferential parking in public places, which is cheaper than gasoline, electricity.

Cons: Very expensive, despite the discount, an electric motor and a gasoline engine and the fuel tank and the battery life of the battery and re-sale value, mark the wall socket charger, lack of space and a very difficult question.

Electric small car - all worth it?

For most people, the pure electric car is difficult to justify the difficult economy. Even with a discount of £ 5,000, the electric car is expensive. A Nissan Leaf will start at £ 31,000 if you had a normal gasoline engine, a car would probably be worth around £ 15K government to spend £ 5K £ 26K. Car battery production is a messy and complicated process, and the net result was a significantly higher pollution normal petrol or diesel electric vehicle or a hybrid construction machine construction.


Car buyers a major turn-off electric vehicle (apart from the high purchase price) is very limited and very slow charging a common problem in the area. 50 100 kilometers of electric cars, and should stop after a few hours, going 50 for 100 kilometers.

If only for short trips, and if you can keep your machine connected to time (typically at home or at work) Stops, this can never be a problem. Toyota like a regular hybrid Prius, but a gasoline engine (fuel), you may not need to spend time card Vauxhall Ampera / Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in hybrid, the fear about the problem of hundreds of kilograms weight and a lot of space, so it is an obligation.

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