How The Number Of Apple iPad Air is Better Compared?

Apple iPad Air is Better Compared To Previous Versions Of The Apple iPad

The iPad Air series began on October 22, 2013 and is proud to provide the first tablet with a 64-bit chip stream.

The series features two types of iPads: the original iPad Air and iPad Air 2.

While the series has some areas that are better than other iPad versions, not all areas are higher.

See how the series compared to the other versions:


This is the first thing you notice on any device. IPad Air made its first major design change in the iPad versions of iPad 2. iPad Air is 240 mm x 169.5 millimeters x 7.5 mm and 469 g.

So is the smallest, thinnest full-size iPad ever. The change in thickness to reduce the weight of the device leads. The design change results in a reduction by 22% of the weight of the device. The small size and weight reductions make it easy to carry the device.

While the iPad uses the same 9.7-inch Retina display than previous models of iPad, the series has a better front FaceTime camera makes a much better experience.

The new front camera has a HD 720 p including lighting, and face detection. The Apple update behind the camera, where apart from the other versions have features, the rear camera in hybrid IR Air iPad filter is set 5 MP CMOS and an f / 0,24 diaphragm.


Like other iPad versions, such as the iPad 4, iPad Mini Retina and iPad mini original, running iOS 7 and running and connected to iCloud. IPad Air is powered by 2013 the Apple A7 chipset and Apple M7 motion coprocessor.


Like his predecessors, will iPad Air aluminum and that makes it 100% recyclable. Has been the case for color, in contrast with the other versions, the white a black back and forth a gray black and front and back silver and white. It comes in 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB flash internal memory.

While the device is lighter and thinner, it has a large screen, video observation makes it ideal for reading books and other related tasks. IPad Air is an important information and you should consider if you have previous versions of the iPad.

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