LTE is Clearly The Opportunities and Risk Management in 4G LTE

LTE is Clearly The Opportunities and Risk Management in 4G LTE Reviews

The giant WiMAX Clearwire announced a few days ago its intention to deliver a 4G LTE network. This communication, though not surprisingly, leaves many unanswered questions about the current state of Clearwire, its potential and the many obstacles on the way to a profitable LTE network.

The implementation of LTE Clearwire appears to experience some of the art markets after several months. From today leads the widespread adoption of LTE technology in the development of LTE-enabled devices (smart phones, base stations, tablets, data cards, etc.) and make the best choice for every businessman wants to offer a variety of equipment, customer base.

Clearwire was the latest WiMAX operator immediately prior to this announcement and already fully US LTE environment is the biggest obstacle the company to success. Even long time partner Clearwire, Sprint, signed with LightSquared LTE. Wireless and AT & T verizon run their own separate LTE networks and the merger of T-Mobile and AT & T would also be T-Mobile is offering another option LTE Clearwire.

Strong competitors is Finally, there are two types of LTE technologies that are currently in progress: FDD-LTE and TDD-LTE (for the frequency division Duplex and Time Division Duplex). Most carriers like Verizon and AT & T decided using FDD LTE. But Clearwire TDD LTE selecting - the less developed ecosystem device - and forcing chipsets and manufacturers devices provide both support technologies (additional cost of $ 10 for the consumer is a reasonable prediction).

The operator has a big advantage over all its competitors, has a large selection has (over 100 MHz to 40 MHz of contiguous spectrum) in most of its markets, so that a real advantage over their competitors actual speed 4G LTE offer . Clearwire plans to launch LTE spectrum of 20 MHz band offers, making it to deliver a top speed of 120 Mbps and an average of 50 to 90 Mbps. The current Clearwire network is also the best solution for the technology 4G LTE-Advanced, the second generation of LTE, which require higher bandwidth offer higher speeds.

Furthermore, Clearwire already has an infrastructure that 4G, which is now the network 4G WiMAX on. The application of a dual technology, this infrastructure has a much lower cost than if they had to create an infrastructure from scratch. The success of Clearwire, depends mainly on its ability to overcome the issue of funding in the near future. Once your immediate survival is guaranteed, it can support up to a powerful LTE network with large pieces of development available and capable LTE-Advanced spectrum. Most LTE providers in the United States has enough bandwidth for a few years before requiring additional bandwidth could provide easily Clearwire. This may be the second big problem for the performance of Clearwire represent intentions: He recognized the need for $ 600 million in funding for the LTE plan only in conjunction with the financing of needs for various purposes.

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