Pleasure Tea Served In Chinese Restaurant?

Pleasure Tea Served In Chinese Restaurant and You Do Not Miss It?

Many American Chinese restaurants, enjoying tea. China is usually used for the quality of drinking can be susceptible to a series of slots for the Chinese tea and tea in the United States has a very rich culture and are more active. And historical reasons, the United States, the traditional tea of ​​Ceylon, Darjeeling, Assam and Earl Grey black tea as a British tradition concentration.

Tea served in restaurants in China?

Usually, the mainstream of American Chinese restaurants, tea is the most widely used Oolong and jasmine tea. Green tea is sometimes served as Pu-Erh. A tea brand, dynasty, in fact, oolong, jasmine and green tea, often served in restaurants in China tea blend is a mixture of styles reflecting the sale of tea in a Chinese restaurant.

Dim Sum, Cantonese restaurants (many small dishes, often these cookies, and a la carte services), and New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco, as many of the largest Chinatowns in cities, often Pu erh tea or chrysanthemum with a Pu-Erh mixture.

Choice oolong, pu-erh tea, jasmine tea and other teas:

Although the use of certain tea bags, loose tea leaves and the best teas are usually single sheets. If you have a good selection of loose tea to live close to the grocery store or Asian specialties bulk tea shop, a sheet, if you're lucky, this may be the best option. If you see or are not familiar with the different varieties of tea, which can be a bit scary if you do not have the ability to smell leaf tea Online. Sometimes referred to as "wu long" written between green and black tea, oolong tea is partially oxidized. They have a dark color and crisp taste, many oolong tea, very deep frying are served in Chinese restaurants. Jasmine flower tea scented tea, jasmine tea is produced by mixing flowers with leaves (usually green tea or Pouchong). Chinese green tea is very different, but a toaster quality Japanese green and pan-fired; Some Chinese green tea pot burning wok over a light smoky flavor warmed by a log fire. Pu-erh tea, often young people, and improves with age, which means that in a post-fermented tea. Pu-Erh chrysanthemum flower mixtures with an earthly aroma and mild flavor.


Common type of tea served in Chinese restaurants in the United States; However, oolong, jasmine, Chinese green tea and Pu-Erh Pu-erh with chrysanthemum, restaurants Dim Sum Cantonese is particularly widespread. teas are available through online retailers for people who can not find it at a local store.

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