Tips To Keep Your Car Clean, Fresh and New

Keep Your Car Clean, Fresh and New

A car is your best friend, a friend and companion, he would never be broken underground novlari. No kidding!

It comes to keeping the car clean, in our mind, the most important thing is the smell. You can look at the terrible smell of your companions in the car before the check.

The car was not clean and was not a terrible smell in the matter, and no one will be riding with you. For this reason, and clean (like smoke in the car), you can make no bad smell foul odors immediately to prevent confusion, control, clean, and it is important to keep. If you can keep your car smelling and there are so many different products. Perfume before going to the market to buy the car, you need to make sure you really need them. The car for the best use of many that Ambit Pur, Air Wick, Archies, Ed Hardy products. The car smell, so a person will go through the machine should not need to avoid

1. Often clean the car and the car leaving any bad-smelling items.

2. Avoid eating in the car.

3. Avoid smoking in the car.

4. Avoid drinking alcohol in the car.

It is necessary to keep the car clean and new

Hanging car air freshener

There are many types of air cleaner for cars. Choosing a perfume, in fact, is to find an answer to your sense of smell.

Air cleaning and ventilation openings in the closing plate is designed to be cut or removed.

Wear an air purifier to eliminate the smell

Spray or aerosol method also mask the smell of air freshener in the car and left the smell of a new car. On the contrary, directly to the seats, instrument panel, roof or floor, the liquid spray in the air in the car. In addition, the headgear or a house, such as Febreze, housing and household spray or you can buy, for example, you can buy one for cars:

K1 freshener for cars

All new car smell air freshener Shield

Car Parfum Spray

Rather than to buy an air freshener, you can get fresh air from the air nozzles in a fragrant. This is an important tip to clean the inside of the vehicle is filled with the smell of a new car and travel enjoyable and comfortable as well. Hiding under the seat, spray a small backpack with a fantastic smelling regularly to keep it in the car.

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