What About Acne Causes and How To Treat It?

Acne Causes and How To Treat It, What About The Most Recent Updates ~ What causes acne? If you have acne, probably, again, this question. Anyway, this article is available to drive acne once and for all, the most accurate and up to date information.

What is acne?

If a clogged skin pores Acne actually begins. There are different types of acne. It is certain at any time with a number of different types of severe acne may be slightly different, and suffering. But regardless of what causes acne, acne of any type, will remain the same.

Types of acne:

1. The heads of the White

This is the beginning of a pimple, but seem to always remain under the skin.

2. Cloves

If the oil trapped in the pores connected through a pore black.

3. Papules

This is a small, pink bumps mild form of acne.

4. Nobules

This is a large, inflamed and very painful pimples and placed in the deep skin. This is a severe form of acne.

5. Cyst

What is the most painful type of acne and cysts, as a rule, the symptoms and the causes for acne scars wenches.

From time to time with acne happens to almost everyone, is a permanent condition of acne and a few pimples, back, face, neck, and / or regular chest where wireless broadband. It is uncomfortable and embarrassing skin condition, but the things that can contribute to acne production. In addition, the battle to find the best treatment for acne know you can buy that can cause acne.

The immediate cause of acne

Although scientists do not know what really causes acne, there has been a number of direct causes of acne. The immediate cause of acne is oil too.

All the skin of patients with fair skin usually covered by a fatty substance called sebum. If too much sebum from the pores and trap, however, is perfect for acne clogged pores.

Clogged pores can be easily irritated and inflamed, blackheads, or comedones. Blocked part spontaneously in a severe form of acne, acne vulgaris, the consequences may be.

Superprodutivas sebaceous glands is one of the direct causes of acne, but acne causes to be solved.

Acne causes

In addition to the direct causes of acne, the main causes of acne can cause. This may include:

1. Hormonal imbalances

This is a typical floating hormones and hormone disorders, acne can help. Even if it is never past the hormonal changes during pregnancy acne, can cause acne. Fortunately, after the birth of a child, their acne tends to disappear.

2. Food allergies

Specific food allergies can also trigger the symptoms of acne, although she did not understand why gluten, milk, yeast and eggs, food, in people who are sensitive to these types of stresses that can trigger flare ups. If acne is a result of one of the suspected food in your diet, you can remove the food and to see signs of improvement.

3. The lack of nutrients

Including acne, your body, and well-being of any deficient nutrients, you can find a variety of problems. If you suffer from severe acne medium and the lack of certain vitamins and minerals the body needs, or can help alleviate the symptoms of food by increasing the intake of these vitamins.

4. Poor diet

Greasy foods and chocolate cause acne directly at reducing the long-standing belief that it is true that a poor diet can indirectly contribute to skin problems. If processed foods and eating a diet rich in saturated fats you do something good for your skin. This is a very healthy food and cut fruits and vegetables, lean protein and contains plenty of healthy fats, can significantly improve the condition of the skin.

5. Genetics

Genetics What can cause acne breakouts, many doctors make sure that acne is genetic role in shaping how long is uncertain. If you have a family history of acne, pain, many doctors believe they may even suffer from acne.

A simple solution for the treatment of acne

Unfortunately, acne treatment for the pain of any standard sizes. We know what causes acne, treatment is different for each person.

Maybe you want to try to heal before the skin, although there are a number of different drugs, the treatment has been proven effective in reducing acne and there are a few ingredients. In this article, benzoyl peroxide is effective in the direction of bacteria under the skin follicles. Benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria at the source and reduce the inflammation of the skin.

To find something other over-the-counter acne product salicylic acid, the way it works. It is targeting the layers of dust and debris follicles and the skin covered with acne bacteria damage to destroy it.

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