What Are The Causes Of Acne?

What are the causes of acne? ~ At the same time, some people who suffer from acne, and they want to know what the cause of acne. Although not identified the causes of acne, are aware that there are factors related to medical reasons. Here, there are factors that cause acne.


Occurs during puberty androgens, or male hormones have a significant impact on acne. In addition, the oil glands into the pores of the skin can contribute to acne, sebum production of androgens.

Women and menstruation, acne can be hormonal changes of pregnancy. Hormonal changes lead to clogged pores of the skin outbreaks can lead to excess sebum.

Hormonal contraceptive pills are also factors that cause acne. The reason for this is that hormonal contraceptives can help with acne is that it can change women's regular hormonal cycle. This non hormonal change hormonal contraceptives.

Stop hormone therapy (such as testosterone), as well as a hormonal imbalance can be, and in turn, a cause of acne can contribute to the cause.


In fact, acne research with school-age children had, or still have family members that suffer from acne.

The environment

Environment contributes to acne. Environment pollution also causes acne. Dirt, smoke and pollen Exposure can irritate the skin pores and cause acne.


There are a number of drugs worsen acne.

Other factors

Stress is one of the factors contributing to acne. Based base oil instead of water, cosmetics, cosmetic preferences and gently clean the skin with a mild detergent. In addition, infection can aggravate acne, avoid pinching the prevention of acne.

It is only common factors associated with the causes of acne. And other factors contributed to the worsening of acne. There are always taken good care of your skin, and the factors that can aggravate acne in mind, remember to keep.

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