Where Top Best Green Tea Brands in the World?

Top Best Green Tea Brands in the World You should know

Although it has been known in countries like China and Japan for thousands of years, is the concept of green tea today large countries in North America and Europe. This tea is best known and loved for its mild flavor and amazing benefits.

Green tea, in fact, enjoyed with additional flavors such as honey and lemon or citrus, like an icy drink and be submerged and weakened than other forms of tea.

Despite its growing popularity, some people do not fully understand the benefits of green tea, or what all really justify the amounts. The truth is that green tea some serious advantages over can have on health, and offers a light and refreshing flavor that many people love has come.

A closer look at green tea, how and benefits may help explain why the feeling sweeping the world. No matter how it is consumed, it has the green tea some advantages other beverages can not easily compete.

Where green tea?

Green tea is grown mainly in Asian countries, where a plant called Camellia sinensis is. While the taste and appearance is what most people notice between green tea and black, the key benefits of green tea in black is also very valuable.

A significant difference between green and black tea come from the treatment, which is involved in the production of each variety.

What makes the different green black tea?

The treatment in the preparation of black and green tea varieties involved quite different. The end result is two different types of tea from the same plant.

Green tea

If the intention is to make the green tea leaves from Camellia sinensis, the leaves are collected and then steamed or heated almost immediately. These sheets are then dried for tea.

Green tea tends much less processing be presented in relation to other forms of tea. In fact, green tea is one of the purest forms of tea products for human consumption uses are considered.

Black tea

The difference between green and black tea comes after the drying process. Unlike green tea leaves that are ready for consumption after drying, the black tea is also a method such as oxidation mode known.

During this prolonged drying unfortunately, many of the nutrients and antioxidants are removed from the tea leaves. While some black tea has antioxidant properties, they are hard pressed to compete for the benefits of green tea.

The benefits of green tea

Whether you come from China, Japan and other countries, the green properly processed tea can offer many health benefits. The antioxidants in green tea are responsible for most of the positive effects of this type of tea.

Scientific studies have shown that antioxidants help in green tea, can prevent a number of conditions, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and others.

Other benefits of green tea are backed by medical studies, include:

Lowering blood sugar

A recent study by the University of Birmingham conducted in the UK found that drinking tea may improve blood sugar levels. The study found that insulin sensitivity increased by approximately 13% when green tea was consumed regularly.

Sources of green tea

Thanks to the growing popularity of green tea is now available in many different forms. Some are more often found on the market:

Tea Bag

Go sit in every grocery chain in North America and green tea box and bag on a shelf.

Iced tea

Green tea drinks available also gained popularity. Loose leaf tea is also used in the production of iced tea, the taste is considered the best by many tea drinkers.

Loose tea

For those who prefer to prepare their tea directly from the leaves, this option is widespread. With the addition of injectors yes and tea bags, loose leaf tea drinkers can enjoy the convenience and the best tea flavor. The world of green tea has long been known to the people of the East.

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